MOSES KURIA diarrhoeas against RAILA ODINGA again to invoke KIKUYUs’ hate (VIDEO)

.... IEBC procurement officer?” Kuria posed

Kuria also caused laughter when he said if any Kenyan dies and goes to where Raila Odinga will be, he should understand that place is not heaven because Raila Odinga belongs to hell.

“A person who thrives in chaos and bloodshed belongs to hell,” Kuria said.

Here is the video


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  1. Kuria, you are the one going to hell through those inciting words. You hate Gods child and you cannot see heaven. you want to see bloodshed in Kenya. Raila has done a lot for this country and his reward awaits him in Heaven next to Jesus.

  2. ati raila have done alot amekuwekea daily bread in the table kunjidanganya nayo?

  3. Kuria is mu hero....The problem in kenya is Rao....Need to solve the problem.

  4. Well, I don't know what to say! But I abhor chaos; and think there is enough tear gas. So, guys have to brace themselves up to eat more tear gas next year.

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