Mimi sio rika ya yake! RAILA ODINGA insults DUALE in front of journalists.

... cannot waste his time responding to fools like Duale.

This is how “Baba” responded;


Mheshimiwa Raila, jana kiongozi wa wengi katika bunge alizua madai kwamba wewe unapewa pesa na magavana wa CORD kukimu mahitaji yako ya kibinafsi. Je una yapi ya kusema?

Raila Odinga: 

Mimi sio rika ya Duale. Hiyo upuzi na ujinga yake atajibiwa na wabunge wenzake

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  1. Really? Honestly? Is that the best answer that RAO could give? Presidential material indeed.

  2. Bitter bitter truth

  3. Bitter bitter truth

  4. Shut up idiot. Eti presidential material real. Yet you voted for thieves, genocidal suspects.

  5. RIKA yako Raila ni gani?.

  6. RIKA yako Raila ni gani?.

  7. Hash tag “@ODM’s proposed Prompt Payment Bill, 2016 – Way of addressing corruption!

    When we focus on the message we can’t miss the messenger, while when we target other “juicy parts” for headlines”, we we loose track of the main agenda. Maintain the race on the main lane. The question is; What should we do as a nation on this vice of corruption? Does the opposition have an alternative solution?

    Hash tag “@ODM’s proposed Prompt Payment Bill, 2016 – Way of addressing corruption!

  8. What kind of an answer were you expecting.Bright minds don`t argue with incompoop minds.

  9. he got busted..someone blew the whistle and he should not have reacted harshly like that coz that's what he's doing to others and he calls for them to respond and be investigated.

  10. now the president has the answer to raila that yeye si laiya kama raila, atajibiwa na laiya wenzake!!

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