Millions of Kenyans now support MIGUNA MIGUNA as they tell him to ‘drain the swamp’

Sunday, November 20, 2016 - Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant, Miguna Miguna, has received unlikely support from Kenyans even after bashing his challenger in a live interview on KTN.

On Wednesday, the Osgoode trained lawyer bashed Esther Passaris by referring her to a socialite bimbo who always looks for billionaire sponsors.

Following these insults, women especially divorcees and ‘sponsor hunters’ lambasted Miguna terming him as a male chauvinists who has no respect for women.

But Nairobians have supported Miguna terming him as the new hope for Nairobi.

Here are some comments from some Nairobians.

Like him or hate him Miguna can be trusted to handle the 20 billion Nairobi County receives from the national govt and the more than 10 billion collected through rates and fees. of all the candidates running for the position Miguna appears more honest and carry's less buggage...'mambo ya kuongea mbaya tutarekebisha', what we need is service delivery as nairobians and the man who can lock-up the thieves and drain the swamp is Miguna,” Charles Mwangi.

Esther Passaris has no reputation to protect! Miguna is right. If she expected to be treated with velvet gloves then maybe she should become a nun.
MIGUNA FOR GOVERNOR 2017.....Drain the swamp!”
Peter Odoyo.

I stand with miguna miguna 100%. One thing I like about him is honesty.he does not entertain mediocrity and small minds. yes he said among those running for governor of Nairobi are perennial thieves who have run down companies, drug lords, fake pastors etc. maybe Miguna is playing the 'trump card'..time will tell as that strategy gave trump alot of publicity and endeared him to the public by coming out as honest and straight forward but more importantly as against the status quo,” Ninja.


  1. I totally concur with the comments of those three gentlemen. Miguna Miguna is a no nonsense guy - he means what he says and he tells it out as it is. DRAIN THE SWAMP Mr Miguna Miguna.

  2. Midunax2 for gavana Nairobi orumooo

  3. Go Miguna!Let us drain this stinking swamp in Nairobi,I also liked that you addressed the Passaris issue in your Facebook page,we the young people need change

  4. Miguna Miguna is a mad man on the loose, nothing good comes out of his mouth. Passaris is a hardworking lady, she's not one of the sycophant and corrupt cartels protected by impunity under the guise of nepotism.

  5. Show me a supporter of Miguna and I will show a hopeless person threatened by women. It is soooo telling!!!!

  6. Maybe Peter should check with himself if he has a reputation. Passaris is a public figure whose all has been placed out there in the public domain. What do we know about Mr Perfect Miguna???

  7. Miguna,get my voters card n keep it, its all yours hata id ukitaka

  8. Miguna my vote your vote ... Go for it . Show them dust . We are tired of looters and thieves .

  9. 'Ehhh,mwangi wanted to have s3x with me!' Thats the cry of a liar who has been turned off,she wanted to 'offer' in exchange for a loan-shes a fake like all the rest,lets surprise everyone watu wa nairobi---MIGUNA MIGUNA for GAVANA AND FOR PRESIDENT IN 2022 ,I LOVE THE GUY -HAKI-SOMENI PEELING BACK THE MASK!

  10. Insults aside! Miguna Miguna is the guy to watch! His beef with Esther doesn't put food on anyone's table.Although its wrong to demean women, its equally wrong for some criminal women to hide behind the so called "women empowerment" to castigate honest men like Miguna. Esther and the like can solicit for sponsorship from wherever, but keep it to yourself. Stop calling Miguna a rapist, unless you present evidence!For goodness sake, Miguna is someone's father jus as you Passaris are someone's mother. Show some respect to Miguna.

  11. peeling back the mask-is online----utampenda miguna hata kama wewe ni kikuyu kama mimi--he told her the truth---just imagine she is dark nite you think her song could be the same,na si amezeeka where are the lies there?????

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