LUO lady cries out after being dumped by mzungu sponsor like garbage (PHOTOs)


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  1. Count yourself lucky. He looks like a drug addict

  2. Is it the pig's skin colour or the crazy perception all wazungu have plenty of money to spend on u and share with u? I have never been able to understand why my African sisters crash for wazungu men so easily even when they are so old and messed up by drugs. Ask our American sistets of colour what they know about pig's skin men and you will shocked to learn one or three truthful facts. They may be romantic to display affection but that's fake and it's the all they do. African men will spend on you a little less but will not use and dump you not unless there is a good reason. So my sisters in Africa and the West Indies Islands do not shy away from your black brothers. Give us love, give us a chance to love you back even if we might not be as wealthy.

  3. What goes around comes around also.Tit for tat

  4. He is a drug addict! I don't think he can f***k like a real man. What did you see in this skunk?

  5. Ask me about him I know him more than anyone else nilikuwa naishi kwao london

  6. Ask me about him I know him well najua mpaka kwao

  7. Ask me about him I know him more than anyone else nilikuwa naishi kwao london

  8. Thats a crack head like Donald trump

  9. Its like light and darkness.Hiyo ngozi inanuka omena.Maybe Raila called him because anything rao touches looses.Idiot jaluo jinga.

  10. If you know so much you would not hide as "Annonymous".

  11. You might be right Swearmo but that does not change the fact you need to man up!!

  12. Okay ECANS ..... What is it you think you know? Whatever it is you did not get it first hand. Gossip, rumours and speculation means nothing and that is likely what you know. Absolutely nothing.

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