LIST of KABURA’s companies that she used to loot sh 1.67 billion with dirty woman, WAIGURU

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - Public Accounts Committee chairman, Nicholas Gumbo, revealed on Tuesday the names of 20 companies that NYS suspect, Josephine Kabura, used to loot Sh 1.67 billion from the Devolution Ministry.

Kabura who was used by former Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Miss Anne Waiguru, to steal billions from the ministry appeared before the PAC on Tuesday accompanied by her lawyer.

Surprisingly, Kabura was unable to account for billions of shillings she received into accounts of her 20 companies.

Here is a list of companies owned by Kabura and the amount of money each received.

1. Learning and Gate Trading – Sh 15 million

2. Benchmark Couching - Sh 7.5 million

3. Examatric solutions- Sh 7.9 million

4. Ambitions learning - 5.9 million

5. Inspired Training Technology – Sh 40 million

6. Smartboard Learning Equipments- Sh 24 million

7 .Classroom Technology - Sh 22 million

8. Startling Trading - Sh 100 million

9. Tucking Stitch Emporium- 79 million

10. Mind learning Equipments- Sh 104 million

11. Big Kent company – Sh 71 million

12. Critical Mass Electrical – Sh 73 million.

13. Reinforced Concrete Technologies- Sh 320 million

14. Roof and all Trading – Sh 252 million

15. Form Home Builders- Sh 218 million

16. Gilgrain General Supplies- Sh 10 million

17. Brain Craft Technologies- Sh 144 million.

18 Bright Thinking Traders- Sh 11.96 million

19. Gilnax Traders- Sh 85 million.

20. Essential prodigy Trading - Sh 80 million.


  1. Kweli,hii kenya siku hizii ni ya majambazi na wanavaanga suit and tie smh

  2. Uhuru's administration is the MOST CORRUPT.

    Hii shida yote ya waiguru ni kwa sababu tu ya ku...

  3. The truth is kabura Was Misused by a very strong Person in the government There is noboby who can make me believe that she was the one who was doing that Job.She is being used like a bridge. There is someone big behind this scadle.

  4. Very true..

  5. Haiyaa! Kabura the solonist has great interest in Education. See most of her companies names. Hahahahahahaha...

  6. Uyu muiritu muici ni mang'aa ya kumia bafu. No niaroneka ni kariko biu yarogotirwo ihithie mbeca.

  7. nicholas gumbo bure kabisa. you just dont bring such juvenile tempers into such a serious issue. you can not extract any info from a suspect by shouting and threatening. you get all info you want by remaining composed and sticking to the agenda. gumbo should have left the balambala member to do the questioning- he is sober and intelligent. gumbo arundi primary

  8. ... and How much is Molasses Plant worth? ...

  9. If Moi had not chopped off the balls, Rao would be allowed to rape this women until they tell the truth

  10. nyama nyama.. ya NYS ya MAFIA house,SGR,...ETC yote ni nyama.Kenyans keep smelling on TV

  11. am Kikuyu but i will never vote for UK

  12. Kenya is not Rao or UK. Problems must be solved. I pity you if all you see is Rao even when in your blanket

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