List of 17 banks that were used by WAIGURU and her team to loot – UHURU’s bank leads

...mentioned in the NYS saga will have to be questioned, to establish if there was any impropriety in the way goods and services were supplied to NYS and paid for.

Apart from Commercial Bank of Africa, other banks named in the latest list include:

1. Equity

2. Diamond Trust Bank

3. Cooperative

4. Consolidated

5. First Community

6. Bank of Baroda

7. African Banking Corporation

8. Paramount

9. Chase Bank

10. I & M

11. Transnational

12. Housing Finance

13. Giro

14. Gulf African

15. Ecobank

16. Fidelity


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  1. Why does media target family bank while it's the only bank that took action to staff who were implicated?

  2. Where is the blogger called Nyakundi.Please come our clearly n tell Kenyans why its only Family banks always on your twitter handle.Or they refused to pay you?Kenya should shun people like Nyakundi who thinks and thinks with their stomach n his stomach followers

  3. It looks like some media houses want to be paid by Family Bank.They forget they they are corrupt

  4. Kwani comment moja tu

  5. comment yours

  6. from way things are unfolding ,it is un clear who did what. to me procure, accountants and store managers should produce all the transactions as per the gava money is released without supportive documents. Let not any one fools us that money was released verbally

  7. Here in Mombasa along Bamburi Kisauni road at Bersheba opposite the petrol station where gangsters were gunned down opposite there is a hard drubg peddler every morining he is preparing rolls of bhang and he is doing it openly and he displays the money he has earned, has drug menace gone this far? and where are police..this thing is done openly even a fool can see, this man is not insane. Wapi Mr. Marwa and KISAUNI OCPD/OCS, MOMBASA COUNTY GOVERNMENT...this is impunity of highest order. I hope this culprit will be arresetd and lead to the source of the materials ...Thank you goo citizens.

  8. Commercial Bank of Africa is a bank like all the rest(several)mentioned in the NYS saga and Uhuru does not work in this bank.

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