KIKUYU men are the poorest men in the world when it comes to bedroom matters - LUHYA MP

... poor in bed because they worship cheap liquor like Chrome and Kane extra and they cannot afford themselves civilized drinks like Jameson and Jack Daniels.

He said Luhya men are tigers in bed because they are clean and 

that is why their wives complain of ‘endless marathons’ for endless weeks.

Savula advised Kikuyu men to avoid alcohol if they want their woman not to share their honey jars with well endowed Luhya men.


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  1. Enter your comment...wewe ni womanizer.adulterer shindwe!!

  2. this sivula must be gay otherwise how did he know that difficiency.he must have offered his arse to a kikuyu man who cdint satisfy for how they cant afford decent drinks he must be a stranger to not know that the biggest percentage of luhya men work for kikuyus as cooks,hseboys and watchmen for as little as 5k or ugali sukuma

  3. Go patronize your tribesmen. Kikuyu this kikuyu that...

  4. A big fool who doesnt know his tribesmen are kikuyu servants fo as little as 3k.

  5. think about development not kuma na boro


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