KIKUYU man beats his wife badly for saying that RAILA is politicizing war on corruption.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - A middle aged woman from Umoja is nursing serious injuries after she was beaten by her husband for saying that CORD leader, Raila Odinga, is politicizing the ongoing war on corruption.

The man, who is a boda boda operator along Outer Ring Road, was watching the 9pm news with his wife when she started abusing Raila Odinga for exposing the Sh 5 billion looting spree in the Health Ministry.

“Raila is behind all these scandals to portray Uhuru as a bad President,” the wife, who was only identified as Wambui, said.

But her husband who is an ardent Jubilee supporter did not agree with his wife’s sentiments and the two started arguing resulting into a fist fight.

The husband gave the wife a good beating saying that Uhuru and his family have stolen everything and Kenyans should not drag Raila’s name in this corruption mess.

Neighbours who heard the commotion helped the woman from the beating and rushed him to hospital.

The case was reported at Buru Buru Police Station.


  1. Yap it is no longer political it true fact the jap elite re milking the country dry then if there is nothing to hide why did the principle secretary threaten journalists and buy all copies of business daily sold out enyewe things re tilting away from the elite always scandal after scandal ni every time kujitetea na wizi then inakua rails it doesn't add up

  2. Kwani uhuru akila na familia yake inawasaidia wakikuyu wengine wa kabila yake? La.Ndiyo mjinga kama huyu mwanamke anapayuka ovyo ovyo na kupata kichapo cha mbwa kutoka mmewe.

  3. Kenyans to whom a millions is a lifetime dream are tired of being dragged into tribal excuses when only a few are eating who probably did not even vote. Here is a boda boda guy, out all day in the sun and dust and is watching news of two or so people sharing billions. He has a right to get angry. The woman on the defense is probably living in a single room and they buy water at 30 bob per jerican.

  4. The woman a jaruo..... Makes a lot of sense...... that this story is actually crap

  5. Kikuyu ni andu mburi muno. Kenyatta's have been stealing since JOMO. Na wajinga badu wana defend Kenyatta's.

  6. Such rotten mouths should be shut up for good. Raila kwanza asuluhishe mambo ya Mumias na mahindi kisha aongee juu ya pesa za MOH. He has this habit of dragging everything into politics.

  7. I'm broke guys!

  8. We have to stop being mburis and elect sensible people who think about ordinary mwananchi

  9. rotten govt..

  10. Who was rushed to hospital admin???wajinga walikufa kama nzi and blinded folded Kenyans are in support of this crap wacha na boda boda kidogo soma and do a little research wacha kuongozwa kama mbuzi.

  11. watching news should not result into fight, lets be grownups!sisi twapigana, twalipa gharama ya hosy, tunaowatetea hawatatulipia hosy bill.

  12. Nothing has been stolen, Why didn't Raila form a Shadow cabinet after defeat as He is everywhere with Hoax

  13. This country needs a good dictator against the rich, a lot of rich assholes who looted govt are everywhere. They need to be taught lessons the painful way. No one is stealing on behalf of tribe but for their own stomachs. Kenyas we need to look around...who can this be? Its time.

  14. kenyans tunafaa tusichagua jubilee wala cord hawa watu wote watatumaliza....infact paying taxes to a corrupt goverment is slavely

  15. But RAO is not solution to corruption


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