Kenyans blame RAILA ODINGA over CLINTON’s loss to DONALD TRUMP in US elections

... winning Presidential Elections.

Here are some comments from Kenyans

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  1. kenyans need to grow up and leave raila alone...

  2. I want to be an mca for mathare and raila should keep off. Bad omen.

  3. At the Democrats Convention Mrs Clinton should have greeted Raila wearing a glove like Queen Elizabeth does since 'Everything Raila touches turns Black Heheheheeeeee'

  4. Raila advised Her to sacrifice a Family Member and some politicians but She refused a Nigerian trip for the ritual

  5. Raila advices Her to demand disbandment of IEBC in America

  6. IEBC America Must Go

  7. Baseless reasoning. What you guys are saying here is far fetched and unreasonable, and if they think it is funny, you are wrong.

  8. Democracy in America is "on trial"

  9. This what will happen to Raila.Big campaign gatherings,90% media coverage on unfounded propaganda and seeing nothing good done by the Govt but at the ballot,the idiot will loose.Hii Kenya ni ya Mungu sio ya devilworshipers kama Raila.

  10. Clinton won in the Popular Vote by over 200,000 but lost in the Electrol College, Clinton should call for Mass Action for dissolution of Electrol College vote

  11. what her loss supossed to do with Raila, surely ata thinking yako ai make sinse

  12. i think Kenyans are literally mad with politics how does raila's name come into fore?

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