KALENJINs tell JOHO to apologise for calling RUTO a thief & a land grabber or face consequences

... said he is seeking cheap publicity to redeem his image.

“It is sad that the Governor can utter such outrageous statements to tarnish the image of the DP.”

“This is nonsense... We are not going to allow this anymore,” Kimaiyo said.

The chairman told Joho to apologise for calling Ruto a thief and a land grabber or face legal action.

“We want the Governor to tell us of the land he claims Ruto has grabbed.”

“We are not taking this matter lightly,” said the chairman.

“It is particularly wrong for someone of that caliber to call our DP a land grabber.”

“He should apologise or we will take legal action against him." he concluded.


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  1. He tried it against Boniface Mwangi and withdrew along the way. The boy had all the facts. Itakua Joho sasa surely. I thought youths have a memory. You cai remember a man called Muteshi and his 100 acres. Langata Primary.

  2. Which consequences you mother fucker kalles?msilete udaku.

  3. You kalenjins are mother fuckers n boot lickers. It is a fact that ruto is the father of all corruptions in kenya n thus you dont scare our brave lion ie Joho. You continue sucking n licking kikuyu's ball n least you forget 2017 is here. We or kenyans are going to send these blood sucking n leeches called jubilee home. Kudos to our governor Joho.

  4. So this people bellieve Ruto ni malaika just because his wellcoming Note is normally Bwana asifiwe? Sawa tu, hivi karibuni mtajua ukweli.

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