KALENJINs dress RAILA with belts that were used by mothers during birth - They hate him!

.... forcefully and quickly ‘return’ their tummy back to its normal shape after giving birth.

The women do so to prevent remaining with a saggy tummy full of baby fat and they wear it daily for the first three months and then regulate it afterwards.

“We were surprised to watch Raila dressed in a baboon skin instead of the Colobus monkey skin.”

“It was derogatory,” said Ainabkoi MP, Samuel Chepkonga.

In Chesongoch, Marakwet East, the belt Raila Odinga was dressed in is a popular dress that is used by mothers when they are delivering.

When contacted, Raila refused to comment on the issue.


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  1. The stupid jaluo foreskin in his thirst for power was ready to wear anything, so long as he is crowned elder. Now he is the source of ridicule. Kalenjins know his thirst for power and will exploit it again and again simply because the senile old man cannot distinguish between when he is being played and when he is being played.

  2. It is always important to know other ways of living and doing their own things,that belt has a purpose and a mean within the kipsigis, Nandi etc and it is only use by women.What the hell was Ralia doing with it and even those gave him, what were they thinking?!!!!!

  3. is that a tna tshirt... baba yawa..

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