Jubilee man embarrassed in front of UHURU/ RUTO in Central - See who planned this

Wednesday November 30, 2016 - Laikipia Governor, Joshua Irungu, was embarrassed and humiliated on Monday during the tour of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, in Central Kenya.

Irungu was booed and heckled by rowdy youths who prevented him from addressing the gathering.

The Laikipia Governor had just been called by Ruto to address the gathering at..

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    On Monday His Excellency the governor Joshua Irungu was heckled and booed live in front of the President and his deputy at Nanyuki Central Park.
    Mr Wambugu has blamed that on rivals of Governor Irungu in 2017 elections. Lie number one. I have done my own independent sniffing around and this is what I came up with:
    There is one fat, black and hairy Minyoo in the name of Manywele.
    He is the Minyoo in-charge of Public Something or the other. He is the one responsible for paying raia not to heckle Governor Irungu. He has a kitty for that.
    On Monday he walked by Central Park to asses the mood. He promised the youth of Nanyuki 150 shillings each so as to "be in line". 150 shillings is nonsense.
    When somebody alleges that other aspirants paid for Governor Irungu to be heckled, my finding is that Manywele was maliciously seeking cheap labour for Irungu not to be heckled. His 150 was meant to irritate the crowd so that they boo the governor. Reverse psychology at its best. Or worst.
    He has the money for public whatnot. But he 'hides' the money to fund his own lifestyle and political ambitions. He hopes to either vie once again (and lose) or become an opponent's running mate. He is the biggest enemy within.
    Manywele is the second biggest tapeworm in Irungu's team. He is a leech. A snake. A blood-sucking vampire.
    On 12th December 2016 during Jamhuri Day celebrations, Manywele will underfund vijana so that Irungu gets booed and heckled. 150 shillings is enough to get you a decent haircut bwana Matenjwo. You will not eat Irungu from within..
    Futwa tena uone kama tutakutetea urudishwe kazi.
    #Minyoo_number_two is squarely responsible for Monday's embarrassment. It was an inside job.


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