JOHO reveals what UHURU/ RUTO plan to do RAILA for exposing them - LUOs will be mad!

.... now President Uhuru Kenyatta is threatening to gag and arrest anyone criticising the Government concerning graft.”

“He should know that we are not afraid of prison and if it comes to that, Mr Ruto should be the first one to be investigated over graft,” Joho said.

The flamboyant Governor also dared the Government to arrest Raila Odinga saying Kenya will burn like hell.

“Arresting Raila is like committing suicide.”

“Let them try and they will see fire,” Joho said.

Raila, who is also the ODM leader, has unmasked a dozen of corruption scandals in the Jubilee Government and as a result, the coalition has lost popularity.


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  1. mr. joho, we do not have a coalition but a jubilee gov nkt.

  2. Kwenda huko drug balon wife's snatcher, with your stupid big mouth kwani Kenya ni ya raila ,Kenya ikichomeka wewe utaingia Indian ocean tutakutoa huku kwa maji,wacha vitisho za ukubafu

  3. That's why its dangerous to give people with little IQ and little minds power.Its like giving a monkey a gun.Its clearly coming out. Compare this guy with intellects like Prof Kibwana,they work for there people without making noise.But the saying is also clear:'Empty drums make the loudest noise".


  5. polish your language fist before you start abuses to your seniors too kiambuish

  6. Little éducation Is very poisonus and That Is why Joho Is behaving so.We Will show him the door come 2017

  7. Serekali ya kuiba, bure kabisa wait 2017, we vote you out,

  8. Serekali ya kuiba, bure kabisa wait 2017, we vote you out,

  9. A man with fragile education!

  10. let people express their views freely so long as they are not regarded as hate views. it is true there are some sort of corruption in the current government which need proper investigation.

  11. @ ano 10:23 Ati we vote you out..first of all you voted for Cord in 2013 so kura yako ni ile ile. huongezewi nyingine. Unasema serikali ya kuiba na mwenyewe hauna kakitu ka kuibiwa. Huyu Joho amekuwa akitisha viongozi wa hii nchi, kwani yeye ndiye ako na kura mbili pia

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