If you voted for ICC suspects, UHURU/ RUTO, you don’t have any right to talk about US

... persecution. The charges have since been dropped. Not because the case went to full trial and the suspects were acquitted and found innocent. No. But because the Kenyan government refused to cooperate, witnesses retracted and others disappeared and the whole matter was turned into a political circus of global proportions. If such people can be elected to the Presidency, can the Kenyan media tell us what is so unthinkable about the  election of Donald Trump?

To parrot the narrative of the American media, the paper goes on to suggest that Clinton was a better candidate. It says, “They (Americans) could have elected Clinton, a smart politician with 30 years of experience”.

Think People. Thiiiiiiiiiink!!

Do not shout stuff because you have heard it from foreign white journalists. What you claim to be the dazzling credentials of Clinton were actually the problem. Americans did not want to elect Hillary precisely because she is “a smart politician with 30 years of experience” in Washington. Americans did not want status quo, they wanted change. Can’t you get that? Besides Jeb Bush in the Republican Party, and our own Uhuru Kenyatta it is not possible to find a democracy with a candidate more steeped in status quo than Hillary Clinton. She is the closest America has come to a monarchy after the Kennedys.  For a country that wanted change, the Democratic Party committed political suicide when they smothered Bernie Sanders, the change candidate, in favor of Hillary Clinton the quintessential status quo candidate.

More importantly the same paper agrees that she had “a few dozen closets of skeletons”.
Politics is about narratives.  And the media spins several narratives of its own. They like us to believe that they are factual, objective and professional. Nonsense. They are every bit as imagined, scripted and spun like those of the politcal class. The media narrative was that the status quo Hillary with a few dozen closets of skeletons is better than the change candidate who is foul-mouthed and will deport illegal immigrants. The American people disagreed. They went with the media “unthinkable”.  The media was out-foxed, outsmarted and honestly out-foulmouthed by Donald Trump. And he won.

Our Kenyan media having no agenda of its own has jumped on the warped American media narrative and called America’s choice unthinkable. Seriously? If they want unthinkable they do not have to look that far. They need to look at Statehouse in Kenya. We are the only country with the dubious record of electing two suspects of crimes against humanity to the Presidency. Truly unthinkable. Trump comes along, and all of a sudden our media has forgotten this. Our media is behaving like the proverbial tortoise who stayed for weeks in a pit latrine and on the day of his rescue was shouting that he could not stand the smell.
If they want to talk about the American elections they should rethink their parroting of media nonsense from America.

What is unthinkable is that the Democratic party swayed by the Clinton corporate machine smothered change oriented Bernie Sanders for the quintessentially status quo Hillary Clinton;

What is unthinkable is that weighed against Trumps foul-mouth the American media had decided that Clinton’s “few dozen closets of skeletons” are the lesser evil;

What is unthinkable is that with all its pundits, statisticians, experts, ground-game, insiders, analysts and spinners, American media was blind-sided by a billionaire reality TV star who has open disdain and disrespect for them;

What is unthinkable is that he beat 16 Republican Party establishment candidates using billions of dollars’ worth of free media;

What is unthinkable is that with all its dazzling technology, big data and sophisticated modelling,  American media dismissed the real feelings of the voters. They dismissed Trump supporters as being out of touch with “reality”, probably a “basket case of deplorables” a Clinton and a newsroom manufactured reality.

What should be unthinkable is our local media eagerness to parrot nonsense from the American media. What is unthinkable is that we have a media who got it all wrong, and are now telling us that the success of the people who got it right is “unthinkable”.

The shamelessness, shallowness and parrotry of our Kenyan media can only be described in one word, unthinkable!

By Prof. Michael Wainaina

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  1. Tell them more prof. Wainaina; and they should desist from poisoning would-be voters with their useless polls. The fourth estate - BURE KABISA.

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