I will continue exposing corruption in Jubilee and UHURU/ RUTO can do nothing - RAILA

... only want is to see the country united as one, nothing else,” said Raila Odinga.

He was reacting to allegations by Uhuru/ Ruto that he is trying to divide the country along ethnic lines when he exposes corruption.

Uhuru/ Ruto, during the Jubilee Governing Council meeting on Friday, accused Raila of politicizing the fight against corruption for political expediency.

They also claimed that Raila was trying to create a wedge between Kikuyus and Kalenjins by ethicizing dam projects in Central and Rift Valley.


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  1. Exposing corruption is not enough. You have to take it further to the next step. Bring the matters to the DPP to review your file and take the next step of charging the persons concerned in a court of law. You do not need to waste your time prodding the presidency as if it has any role in initiating charges in courts.

  2. How can Raila divide an already deeply divided country? Stop scape goating on RAO, much as he may not be an angel!

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