I am the real father of Thika Super Highway - RAILA says as he lambasts boasting KIKUYUs

... persevered hundreds of people flocking his office to try and prevent their buildings from being brought down but he stood his ground to deliver the most modern road in East and Central Africa.

At the same time, Raila credited himself as having played the biggest role in bringing home the superhighway, complaining about how people were wrongly attributing the same to Kibaki.

“Most of them don't want to give me credit and say that it's Kibaki who is the father of modern roads in Kenya.”

“But I don't mind. I am happy I managed to do the right thing,” Raila said.

The Superhighway was constructed by two Chinese contractors between 2009 and 2012 with joint funding from the Kenyan Government and the African Development Bank.


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  1. Fucking devil.

  2. Stop bragging, we all know you took the back seat. The driver is well known.

  3. ndanganya nyanya yako bwana raila.

  4. You did it coz you were PM and wakati was nusu mkate. Uliulizwa wewe unataka Kibakis Government ikufanyie nini ukasema airport. So usituletee na malingo yako enda unjenge kama hiyo bondo.I respect you so much but you have turned to be like a movie today this tomorrow that. Now you are cliaming Kingi was the whistleblower. Waiguru said the same and you attached her badly. Stop being double standard baba. kama pesa imekuliwa the ODM governors na sio Uhuru/ruto wamesema ni Ouko Auditor General what are you trying to hide. Ulisema tukigusa Ouko Mass Action. Has he turned a devil now that he has touched on your governors. As a statesman just agree you are looking for campaign money period.

  5. Kibaki was the president of Kenya when Thika super highway was being constructed - that is what every body knows. Raila has never been the president of Kenya! so what is he telling us?

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