Here is WAIGURU’s response to RUTO after he attacked her for linking him to NYS billions

"I have no interest in public exchanges with HE the Deputy President or those others speaking in public gatherings, on a matter that is being handled by competent government agencies. I reiterate that all I have done is appeared before the PAC upon being summoned and given my version of events supported by facts and evidence.

If the Deputy President or Duale or others ... has facts to assist in this or any other investigation the appropriate thing to do would be to appear before the EACC, CID, or PAC like I and other witnesses did and present the evidence. Anything else is not only against the standing orders but can be construed as politicizing an ongoing inquiry and an attempt to subvert the process.

Finally I, like many Kenyans, are curious about what regarding my submissions has made the Deputy President & his close allies so uncomfortable that they have to comment on this matter in public gatherings .... This is indeed very telling. And as I said, Kenyans are very intelligent people... They are following the events very closely and will not be fooled."

  1. Shut up whore.You are all the same

  2. Shut up because she is touching on sensitive people and matters? Kenyans know alot more than what Waiguru is talking about. I say alot.

  3. who if fooling who?

  4. She got balls like Karua

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