Here is RAILA’s message to DONALD TRUMP after thrashing CLINTON - He voted for her

... resounding victory for the Presidency,” Raila said.

“We wish the President-elect success in the most immediate challenge of bringing America back together and rallying the world behind his victory,” Raila said.

The former Premier also said he hopes Trump will continue to support democracy and promotion of good governance and human rights in Africa and the rest of the world.

“It is our hope that under Mr Trump, the US will continue support for democracy and promotion of good governance and human rights around the world,” Raila, who is an enigma in Kenyan politics, added.

CORD leader, Raila Odinga, is among opposition leaders who voted for Hillary Clinton during a mock election at the US Embassy in Nairobi.


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  1. The election in America was all about racism. it was American natives vs immigrants(hispanics, latinos, arabs Africans etc.)

    The natives who happen to be the majority were quiet but new in their minds and hearts that they were going to vote for Trump while those with Hispanics, latino, arabs, africans and the other minority groups were most vocal and didn't hide their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    A good percentage of these Hispanics and the other groups are illegal immigrants without documents hence could not vote but attended democrat campaign rallies making Hillary to look popular. They also misled the pollsters as they claimed they would vote for Hillary but they couldn't since they didn't have documents to register as voters.

    Since they knew they were not voting, they conducted door to door campaigns in the estates urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The American Natives who happen to be affiliated to Republican were quiet, and when interviewed by pollster officials they lied that they would vote for Hillary since Trump was demonized by the media and they didn't want to be portrayed as racists by supporting Trump openly. In their minds and heart they new very well that they will vote for Donald Trump.

    This was all about racism which should be condemned in the strongest term possible.

  2. We need Raila in America coz Clinton won the popular vote but lost through Electral college vote, Power to the people not Electral College, Wapi Mass Action

  3. America does not have natives. It is a land of immigrants.

  4. Barrack Obama lost the US Presidential elections. He was everywhere campaigning for Hilary. He lost. Obama was a creation of the Clinton clan. They campaigned and put him in office to await a second chance at the White House.

    Obama may have destroyed the Democratic Party. He lost not just the presidency. But both Congress and the Senate. Trump will appoint four supreme court judges and therefore all three arms of government, Executive, Legislature and Judiciary will be right under Republican control.

    The Media and the business segments are already in rightwing, mainly Jewish control. The entire power structure is safely back in rightwing control.

    That is Obama's legacy for the US. The whites have "their country back." Those who sing praises should ponder what this means. Obama and his group supported them. That support may have evaporated.

    The middle east oil producers who support terrorism are the greatest losers. Oil sunk to $43. It is unlikely to recover any time soon.

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