Here are 9 nasty things MIGUNA said about S£XY ESTHER PASSARIS on JKL Live.

…. colour you are are absolutely are are not beautiful... You have nothing...

Esther I am NOT one of these men that you can chase around

You are chasing men all over... Esther, nobody wants you. are too old... nobody wants you..who wants you ..who wants you...?"

She's selling beauty, she thinks beauty gives you credibility and integrity to go for leadership

Esther Passaris is nothing but a flower girl

This is a flower girl for Kidero... She's paid and sponsored by Kidero to stand

Everybody is raping Esther...

You're too common. You're too old. Who wants you??


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  1. Miguna is a psyco.
    Which civilised man uses petty insults on a woman?
    And if Esther was mature, she shouldn't have used such on Miguna.
    she should have given him silence.

  2. And who wants this ugly dog called migunamiguna??????? Ugly like Chimpanzee!!!! The most stupid and ugliest man in the world!!!!

  3. Miguna has the inside story of everyone who was associated with ODM especially Passaris. So it probably true about the sex holiday.

  4. Kwanza hii mwanamke mbona anapenda kupanua panua miguu akihojiwa....Anakaa kama ako na kaswende

  5. Bwana Miguna,
    Are you aware about your words' impact, here in Canada? Friend, choose your phrases, with atmost consideration!
    For Kenyan men, Canada, is the land of women, and for the women.
    Idiots, like the Miguna, who open their vulgar mouths, to demean, women, ends up in real trouble.
    As long as you are a Canadian, whatever you do, or say, anywhere on Earth, it is watched and taken into consideration.
    If people are so afroanted, your citizenship, is, revoked, and then deported.
    When you came from other places, like this idiot, Miguna.

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