HASSAN JOHO attacks RUTO badly after he spoke about DONALD TRUMP’s win in the US

.... various cases including the alleged grabbing of Lang’ata Primary School’s playground.

Joho said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration and his family have looted everything and urged Kenyans to change leadership in 2017 the way US citizens made a historic choice on Tuesday by electing an ‘outside’ candidate, Donald Trump, as their President.

“They have spoilt our money without mercy,” Joho said.

He said the only person who can save the country from tribalism, corruption and nepotism is none other than CORD leader, Raila Odinga.


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  1. The election in America was all about racism. it was American natives vs immigrants(hispanics, latinos, arabs Africans etc.)

    The natives who happen to be the majority were quiet but new in their minds and hearts that they were going to vote for Trump while those with Hispanics, latino, arabs, africans and the other minority groups were most vocal and didn't hide their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    A good percentage of these Hispanics and the other groups are illegal immigrants without documents hence could not vote but attended democrat campaign rallies making Hillary to look popular. They also misled the pollsters as they claimed they would vote for Hillary but they couldn't since they didn't have documents to register as voters.

    Since they knew they were not voting, they conducted door to door campaigns in the estates urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The American Natives who happen to be affiliated to Republican were quiet, and when interviewed by pollster officials they lied that they would vote for Hillary since Trump was demonized by the media and they didn't want to be portrayed as racists by supporting Trump openly. In their minds and heart they new very well that they will vote for Donald Trump.

    This was all about racism which should be condemned in the strongest term possible.

  2. Racism and tribalism. Difference is the same


  4. Wewe zuzu ujinga regesha mkunduni STUPID!

  5. joho u dont behave and look like a governor picking fight from every corner, u are just like boniface mwangi.

  6. You have said it perfectly . Asante

  7. Na wewe unagihesabu wapi,muusaji wa dawa sa kulevya na wanawake wa wenyewe,ushindwe

  8. Speak to be heard or baba will kanyora you out of his party

  9. election was rigged in usa

  10. If you urged people to vote like they did for trump..it means you supported trump all along. Or Joho is a liar who is supporting Trump because he won. Trump is no good for America and everybody know that. most Leaders across the world were supporting Hilary. Even Obama. So stupid people like Joho saying people should vote like Americans did, are just empty debes who should not be holding office. Joho thinks he has more than one vote. Uko na kura moja shoga wewe kama mkenya mwingine. Stupid Man

  11. thumbs up joho tell them the truth,ukuweli una uma.

  12. let Uhuru and Corrupt Dp see Good example from American hii Kenya sio ya mama zao nia kila mtu.

  13. You should be last to throw a stone. Are you a saint and you are more than a thief misusing public money with women and extravagant lifestye. I used to admire you when you were elected Governor but have realised you are so proud and arrogant. Sir, never point a figure at the man of God. You pointed the President with your fingers and am telling you you will pay the hard way. You talk of Jubilee being corrupt not taking into consideration that All Governors are corrupt misusing our money intead of even giving relief food to our fellow kenyans whom you expect them to vote for you next year. I am not supporting Jubille because I am a taxpayer and its paining to see how corruption is taking roots but should stop attacking others/calling them corrupt.Please remove the log in your eyes before you remove others.

  14. am amazed by the fact that Raila has bn in power for so long and did nothing tangible except misleading and using the youth in street running games as tools of violence to express his unquenchable thirst for power. Joho should know better than this that Raila just uses people like stepping stones to gain political millage and he knows how and when corruption began.he understands all the loopholes because he used to practice what he is condemning today then he plays mr innocent good guy. you cant give what you dont have kenyans need peaceful governance which cord can never and will never afford .

  15. ndanganya mama yako bwana joho.

  16. People are starving to death in Mombasa County and their useless Governor is busy throwing tantrums to the DP Ruto - a guy who delivers on every promise he makes to better the lives of all Kenyans.

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