Greedy KIKUYUs have no place in United States - See what DONALD TRUMP’s man has said.

Thursday November 24, 2016 - United States President-elect, Donald Trump’s choice for Attorney General was quoted saying Kenyans could become spies and thieves if allowed to join the US military.

Mr Jeff Sessions, a Republican Senator from Alabama, told a radio interviewer in 2014 that undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to serve in the armed forces in the US.

One reason Sessions said is the...

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  1. okuyus: wazi kokote waliko ulimwenguni - ushenzi mtupu.

  2. Good. Dirty kikuyus

  3. Admin guok mufur. Kwani wakikuyu peke yao ndio wako us? Kyuks start everything bad or good in Kenya & the rest perfect!

  4. Haters are real.kikuyus occupy all their lifes and everything they think.I never knew trump fears Kikuyu too just like the heathen flying toilets do.that's a plus.

  5. Kikuyu wezi

  6. Without Kikuyus' enterprising efforts, the world would not recognize Kenya.

  7. Kikuyus will always **** you for the rest of your miserable lives if you present them the chance because of you being foolish. Think again you who say the kikuyus have stolen this or that, what does some commenters have that can be stolen from them? They live is shacks in Kangemi and Kibera and all they know is throwing stones? Born watchmen and housegirls.

  8. Kikuyus don't go to the USA ,to do what ?they have already made it here.only this other lazy tribes run there.including this idiotic admin

  9. So so just spoke my thoughts

  10. We have cities in USA kikuyus call sorts, wako wengi bwana and with dollars, business big here in USA. Poor cooks and watchmen

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