EXPOSED! This is how KPLC is stealing from you through pre-paid meters.

…. China, by the suppliers.

After you are done with the first level staff and technicians, you will be told the matter has now been picked up by "the bosses".

These mysterious bosses who you will not see are apparently trying to sort this matter with China.

Meanwhile, that reference number you were given and the second one, will be indicated as resolved by the technician who will replace your old meter.

A caution: if you do not report that your meter is still not working, kplc will charge you 5,000ksh fine and accuse you of tampering with the meter!

Reference number or not.

Their instruction is, "go report on 3rd floor".

If Kplc come to replace your meter with this new model, and it is not working, be warned.
Eventually, patrons may be fined and asked to pay for and buy a new meter!

Meanwhile, our dear President declined to sign into law, the bill requiring Kplc to pay patrons for loss of supply.

Clearly the scheme is deep!

Who supplied kplc with these fake meters! 

Who is tampering with electricity supply causing meters to get damaged.
Pass this on, spread the word.

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  1. You were doing well until you introduced politics.You want to reflect Uhuru ad a collaborator also the device above is not a power meter but an interface console

  2. Where did you do all these research? I believe that this is happening only in your area

  3. You did not include the single majority shareholders in Kplc. Did you expect him to sign..

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