DONALD TRUMP posts a statement that makes UHURU and his family look like hyenas

... won't take even one dollar.”

“I am totally giving up my salary if I become President.”

In the same forum, Trump said he was 'totally self-funding' his campaign and said that he 'won't take money other than the small stuff'.

Trump’s statement is a wakeup call to rich presidents like President Uhuru Kenyatta who can easily forgo their salaries and instead serve citizens.

Uhuru is one of the richest Presidents in Africa but he still collects his salary instead of helping needy Kenyans.

Uhuru’s family has also been linked to multibillion scandals in Kenya where they continue to swindle Kenyans despite being filthy rich.


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  2. Firstly Uhuru has given up his salary at one point in his political career. Secondly Trump is a businessman not a fool. If he has self funded his campaign it's because he knows where he's recovering the money from.

  3. Admin 23:40 help these fools to wake in mind ,,,scandal za mauji za cassino america ni za triumph ad tel dem to kis the transformer

  4. Is this thing called babu not on pension? Why can't he forgo it before Luo's satrt asking Uhuru to do likewise? He is one of the plant richest thieves after being paid with the molasses nyayo and the deals he made as the energy minister as well as PM

  5. Uhuru and his family are hyenas,kenyans don't care whether your sons and daughter gets married or not,we see how selfish and greedy your,we hate you Uhuru and nothing can change that,but change is coming for kenyan your time is ticking plus your stupid Dp Ruto.

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