.... the humility to respect you. And they are a dime a dozen scattered across Kenya. Get a woman who will be excited when you take her for a picnic lunch at a park of your choice. Don’t run after those who aspire for grandiose crap like shopping in Dubai, or holidays in Cape Town.

For any young man, the ages between 30 and 50 are critical. That’s the prime of your life and all the money you acquire in this period cannot be used to entertain some of these women, whose heads have been fucked up by Instagram and TV shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

That’s why old crows like Sheila Mwanyigha are still single to date; because they set such a high bar for themselves, that even the eligible men look at that crap and figure out that it’s not worth it.

Between 30-50 is the time to invest in your career, family, networks, soft-skills, physical/mental health and the likes. You cannot be productive with a woman who is always measuring you with her previous grand experiences from past relations with better doing men or older “sponsors” . You will never measure up to their expectations and your potential will be grossly diminished as she keeps pointing out your inadequacies.

Please men, do not look for a woman to complete you. You’re already a vessel with immense potential to achieve anything, as long as you have the right support systems behind you.
If you want to walk the path to freedom and actualized-potential, the women to avoid are such high-rollers because when they leave your ass, you’re going to be one broken guy, with a bruised ego that can hinder a recovery. You should also avoid single-mothers if you can.

Please note; You’re very free to date a divorced woman, but a single mother, especially one with multiple offspring from different Sperm-Donors, would be a catastrophe. She will drain the life out of you, and leave a pale shadow of your glorious past.

When a guy find himself attracting the attention of a high-rolling chic for instance like Janet Mbugua, the first question one should ask themselves is “what did I do to deserve this?” Ofcourse you didn’t invent an app, or discover a planet or topped the billboard chats, but you’re just a mere banker.

At some point, such women who are renowned to have a low boredom-threshold, will wake up and simply go after a new “challenge” . And woe unto the poor victims. Avoid these pseudo-feminist women who constantly try paint the picture of an “ideal” man.

Don’t take crap from crazy women. Spot the jokers and avoid them like The Plague.


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  1. Gina Dins story is a fat lie...

  2. Very true! Ignore this and you're making the worst mistake of your life.

  3. What country do you live in 12November 2016@ 13:32?Almost every one in kenya knows about the affair between Gina Din Karuiki and Joe Nyaga.Women are rotten creatures.

  4. How do you know they are bad? They are ladies who deserve better. The ordinary chic would want you to do all the thinking,all provision. This is damn boring a real man would want challenges so that he can become problem solver. Dennis should have been patient hammer her till she conceives 10 kids joho wouldnt like her. Look at shebeh husband the husband never left because of affair. Hiyo kitu si sabuni itaisha

  5. Get yours and leave the alone are they asking your support why don't you mind your business wako mzuri ishi naye wachana Na wenyewe

  6. Its true.That couple only share a roof together.Both Gina and kariuki fuck outside marriage

  7. What research are you basing this theory on?? Do you perhaps know what is written in everyone's destiny? Anyway some of the men who date the ordinary women just want women they can easily cheat on or perhaps they like to play it safe and not really follow their true hearts desires - it's a shame to live that way instead of one living their life like the adventure that it's meant to be. What is meant to be will be. Follow your true heart's desire, be authentic and take happiness whoever you can find it with.

  8. total nonsense, stop hating on peoples daughter and focus on how your own will have no facts of what you are telling us.

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