Angry LADY blasts Kenyan men who go silent after tasting the honey jar, Eh! Eh.


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  1. Yenyewe wakisii ni wanoma sana kwa kuma. Ni kama wanyama lakini nifikilia ni bangi na chang'aa. Wacha viagra

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  3. Now try a maasai then a kihii malaya hii!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. na ukimwambia aende polepole?

  5. The main reason is because Kisii girls have no clitoris coz they are circumcised, they need rough sex fot them to feel good, so the men have adopted Rough Sex.

  6. Even me I fucked another girl with a long clitories after she gave me sima ya kienyeji with meat...her head was down and her pussy was still with on bed and she was crying water water water please.....i did not care because that is when pepo ya kutomba ilkua juu yangu.....after I ejaculated I took a jug of water and I thought she would drink to my surprise she pour the water to her pussy....after two days she called me a told me I have peeled off her clitoris and she was getting pain to urinate....tamu me if you believe you can hold my thrust

  7. anon..07;12 shame on you.

  8. Kama itauma ikae.

  9. hio ni ufala nonsense.

  10. The truth is that the Kisiis have no time make a lady masturbate. They head for the nunu while it is dry. and that's the reason for pealing.

  11. We DONT call that LOVEMAKING. Hio ni kuumizana, you get alot of tiny bruises, then bacterias and viruses from his mboro enter your blood stream from that bruise. You end up go home with Ukimwi tupu.

  12. Nyina WA Baraka,
    Thanks for such a superb, clear, and wonderful way of description.
    It is really beautiful, way of making people understand what you want to convey.
    There are other means of arresting, the pain, and eradicating, the dryness.
    You can use them to curve dryness, if you are prone to experiencing, this episodes.
    Your command, of telling a story is superb, thanks !
    N/B I noted lots of mixtures, of; Languages. Is it the Sheng' or what is it ?

  13. Wapumbavu

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