Why UHURU/ RUTO must fall in the hands of opposition in next year’s General Elections

Ordinarily I would not be online on a Sunday posting stuff but this issue of the Afya House Scandal is very painful. I have just listened to Ministry of Health CS Dr. Cleopas Mailu giving a convoluted press conference on the issue and it raises serious doubts on the Ministry's credibility. 

1. The CS claims that the KShs 265.8m paid to Cooperative Bank was to pay for a letter of credit for the supplier to secure the goods. He claims this is a standard procedure. Really? There is no way the person procuring goods can be the one to pay for letter of credit on behalf of the supplier. A letter of credit is an issue to be handled by the supplier and their bank and the procuring entity has nothing to do with it. In this case it is clear that the Ministry financed the supplier to supply the goods which is irregular and criminal. This is not something that should be allowed to pass in the name of standard procedure. Other government suppliers are often asked to provide performance bonds not provided funds to secure an LC

2. The Ministry admits to procuring 100 container clinics at a cost of KShs 10 million each. It has paid KShs 800m and a balance of KShs 200m is yet to be paid

(a). Why would a container cost KShs 10m? It would even be cheaper to just build the clinics

(b) Health is a devolved function. Why is the Ministry taking over the function through the backdoor? Who asked for these clinics and who will pay for their running operations when county governments are unable to even pay salaries for health workers

(c) These containers procured in July 2015 are yet to be distributed. The Minister claims that they are preparing the grounds where they will be taken. Can the Minister provide a list of the 100 sites where they will be taken?
I feel disappointed at the useless questions the journalists are asking but then again they could be working under the influence of bahashas. However they spin issues clearly this is a very serious scandal. The stones involved are too heavy to turn. The truth will be out soon and it will be ugly. The Minister's body language says a lot. He does not believe the things he is saying. The way the PS initially reacted to the issue by threatening the journalist against disclosing it shows there is a lot to hide. #JubileeMustFall

Ephraim Njega

  1. Kenyans kenyans kenyans surely?

  2. Na bado ,yaani Uhuru ni kuona haoni am a amebrain washed ,this guy is not serious 2017 ataanguka na afungwe go to hell

  3. Surely It is our time to eat Nyama Choma as the others salivate But please eat a little or slowly Or you may end up vomiting on the feet of diplomats

  4. This is very serious. Unless people are jailed this monster corruption will never end.

  5. This is very serious. Unless people are jailed this monster corruption will never end.

  6. You dont seem to understand what a letter of credit is... read this definition "A letter of credit is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time and for the correct amount. In the event that the buyer is unable to make payment on the purchase, the bank will be required to cover the full or remaining amount of the purchase..." idiot


    That is the prize Kenyans have to pay for A DRUNKARD PRESIDENT. He does not KNOW what is going on.

    Its the same with a DRUNKARD husband = MESSED UP FAMILY.

  8. Honestly the PS should on principle be fired. There is no reason such nonsense should be allowed in Govt. Even young kids cannot be convinced that a container is worth 10m and we are happy saying all have been delivered and no funds were lost.

  9. A letter of credit popularly known as LC is a letter from the bank guaranteeing the supplier that once the goods are supplied the seller will be paid as guaranteed by the bank. Therefore the guarantee is a matter of the recipient of the goods but not the seller.

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