Why State House wants RAILA ODINGA to present himself before the CID or get arrested

Saturday October 1, 2016 - A top State House official has called for the arrest and prosecution of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga following the remarks he made on Friday at Ilmashariani Grounds in Narok County.

Dennis Itumbi, who is a Senior Director for Digital Innovations and New Media at State House, asked Raila Odinga to either present himself before the CID or be arrested over the remarks which he noted could propagate violence.

According to Itumbi, Raila’s remark urging communities to arm themselves with crude weapons to evict Isaac Hassan and his IEBC team amount to hate speech and incitement to violence.

“Arrest Hon. Raila Odinga or get him to CID - He should and must tell the Country what he means and why he is threatening violence,” Itumbi said.

He noted that other politicians have been arrested and detained to engaging in hate speech and Raila should not be an exception.

“We condemned other politicians for saying exactly these stuff. He cannot get away with this,” he stated.

In his speech which has sparked controversy, Raila told communities in Narok to arm themselves with weapons and head to Nairobi if IEBC commissioners would not have vacated office by next week.

“Nataka wakenya wote kutoka Mandera, Isiolo, Samburu, Kajiado na pande zote za Kenya, wajihami na mikuki, mishale na silaha zote tuende huko Nairobi na tutoe hiyo committee ya Hassan kwenye ofisi 

(I am calling on all Kenyans from Mandera, Isiolo, Samburu, Kajiado and elsewhere in Kenya to arm themselves so that we go to Nairobi and force Hassan's team out of office),” Odinga was quoted saying.


  1. This is hate speech. He is not above the law

  2. Anyolewe mavuzi nyeupe

  3. Tell Uhuru to wake up and smell the coffee rao is brewing to get him back to icc. Tell him to stop calling grim reaper his brother while that person is preparing to finish him and destroy the country. Deal with this evil man now before he puts Kenya into more problems

  4. The whole Country demanding IEBC to vacate from all walks of live is the way forward If Hassan is still illegally in office he should be lynched . Jubilee impunity will not be torelated anymore.

  5. He is a murderer

  6. This man serves the Satan and bleeds Kenyan for bloods by destroying lives and economy they hv build so hard. Kenyans will enjoy ever lasting peace after his departure to maker for judgement

  7. Dont arrest this man he is harmless. In fact that what he likes coz has no value for his life neither for his family nor for Kenyans. He has destroyed himself (makende), his family (Fidel death & Ida divorce, Kenyans (killer 1982, 2007/8, 2016 (viribi death IEBC). Be aware

  8. You are welcome to the waiting room...... I am the time keeper. Tell me when and if you cannot wait any longer. I will stop the clock.

  9. stupid gicheee monkey type jaluo

  10. Let them try there foolishness round hii jaribuni kuleta ujinga Nairobi tutawatomba hizo mikundu zenu

  11. Why is itumbi making it looking it is something new? The IEBC DEMOS were all about EVICTING Hassan from the get go - and for that Kenyans have trophies of photos of Raila being teargassed?

    He didnt go to CID then and he wasnt arrested. So why now when it is the same call. This Itumbi is very thick!

  12. ... Has Bensouda read this ......

  13. I don't support RAO but I think he meant protests not violence

  14. Babu Raila sh 2.2billion za kenya airways siwapi?
    Lipa kwanza wewe ni mfisadi nambali moja.

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