We’ll vote for RAILA in 2017 for exposing UHURU’s secret tunnels of death - Murang’a

.... castigated Muranga Governor, Mwangi Iria for abusing CORD leader, Raila Odinga, and told him to respect Jakom because he is a good man.

“We want to tell Mwangi wa Iria to respect Raila Odinga,” John Gakuu, a Boda Boda operator from Kinyona location said.

Other residents demanded public participation saying the project is shrouded in secrecy and they want to know how they will benefit from the Sh 6.8 billion project.

The tunnels, which Raila termed them as "tunnels of death", were initially set to collect water from rivers Maragua, Irati and Gikigie but were later extended to tap water from rivers South Mathioya, Hembe, Githugi and North Mathioya which are tributaries of the Tana River.

The water will be redirected to a city Uhuru Kenyatta’s family is building in Ruiru.


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  1. jifire
    Waongo wa mwisho, Kibaki Tosha because of Raila badaaye muliruka na parachute, extreme liars.

  2. jifire
    I realy doubt cos Raila said Kibaki Tosha but later you dint support him there after in fact you called him names. On this one it is mere smokescreen and time consuming to lie to the world when in reality you are drumming for payments.

  3. Rails said tosha to escape embarassment since kbk was to win anyway.he later spent all his time fighting the old man.in the nusu mkate period raila showed his evil intentions and wanton greed for power.who can support such a jealous hater whose greed for power leads to wasting innocent life's?only a fool cannot see his malice on the tunnel issue.he just want jubilee development plans to flop.

  4. I Wiil vote for Raila, coz the the better devil you know than the one you have not known for long is still a .........Raila welcome to Muranga. We will welcome you washangae. They should know we listen even to Raila . He is a leader . All MUranga mps should go home by 9 on election date . Wanasema "they will forget" hut we say "you will be forgotten " Karibu Raila again . From loc 14.

  5. We have been keenly following this development where those in power and with big pockets are not interested in the well being of the down trodden even in the matter of water.When will 2017 reach so that we act now that we cannot talk.

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