We will start an Egyptian type of revolution if UHURU tries to arrest OUKO - RAILA ODINGA

... his men are trying to frame Ouko for exposing corruption scandals inside the Jubilee Government.

"I dare the Jubilee Government to arrest and charge Ouko," angry Raila said.

Raila asked Kenyans to ignore the Government's jitters over plans by Ouko to visit the US Federal Bank to investigate the missing Sh 215 million Eurobond cash.

“The Auditor General's office is independent and does not need an okay from the President," the ODM leader said.

The former Premier also told Uhuru to willingly go home having admitted that he is unable to fight graft.


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  1. Does Raila have any respect for the laws in place? Why can't he allow the systems in place to be tested full? One is presumed innocent till proven otherwise. Ever heard of such a phrase Raila?

    Your style is tiring and backward to say the list and bases of anarchy. Donald Trump is under heavy attack in the USA for trying to imply that their electoral system can fraud. You here continuesly draw aspersions to all our institutions and want to get away with it? This is wrong and you must stop!

  2. Anon 04:08..Dont compare Kenya to America...here the institutions put in place are all tribal not unless u live in another world..ijiot

  3. Why is BABA trying to protect the LUO MAN. Why is it that he did not protect the KIKUYU woman (NYS). Is he guity as charged? let him go to court of law and prove his innocence. Is there anything to fear. Baba should apologise to Kenyas for protecting a potential criminal

  4. Mdomo tu

  5. This fool called Raila....What did you do in Mkate nusu government??

  6. baba ako sawa,,, at a slight mention of his name, even the kikuyus not born and those already dead tremble silly

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