We will curse you if you refuse to work with UHURU/ RUTO! KAMBA elders tell KALONZO.

.... for the last 5 years we have been in the opposition and we have not benefited.”

“It is now time for Kalonzo to join the Government and work together with President Uhuru Kenyatta,” Ngeu said.

During his Ukambani tour last weekend, Deputy President William Ruto promised Ukambani residents a bag of goodies that will directly benefit local residents.

Ruto said the Jubilee Government will construct a Sh 54 billion Thwake Dama which will be the biggest dam in Kenya.

“The Sh54 billion Thwake dam will be the single largest dam investment in independent Kenya and will take around three years to complete.”

“We are doing that because we have taken cognisance of the pressing water crisis in Ukambani,” Ruto said.


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  1. THWAKE DAM TO BE CONSTRUCTED IS NOT A JUBILEE PROJECT. We the kamba are not fools. The dam shall be constructed using our money so why should we defect to jp if our money is used to construct our dam ?

  2. Who are these Elders and who nominated them to be Kamba spokesmen? They are under the influence of what they have pocketed and can move to Jubilee with their votes, surprisingly they might not even be registered voters.

  3. haiya...shauri yako. Musee aikaliile kivila onaa kulasa kwi Kivisi ki muti iulu

  4. Your money will construct the DAM Anonymous21:33. why hasnt the money worked for you since independent, was you wiper leader not in the government then?? Jubilee has to think for you and your people. wake up

  5. anoymous 21:33tryopenyuor eyes for once..you just utter blindly just because you are corded..trust me..other Kambas see the project as a life time opportunity

  6. kasyoki mwau ? athi naku

  7. nonense who are those elders we dont even recognise you. you better go ahead and curse kalonzo we as kamba fraternity we are ready to remain in opposition even if is 100years

  8. Anon 14:14 You seem to be a fool 1. not able to recognize your elders, 2. To support a curse on a statesman like Kalonzo, 3. Wishing for a whole community to remain in opposition when Kalonzo states on national television that he is tired being in opposition. If the price is a dam worth 54billion and in exchange is 5 years of being in government ......do the mathematics .......but again you are not able to comprehend ........

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