Was UHURU ashamed after he son, JOMO, married a girl from NYANZA? See what he did.

.... suit during the wedding was wearing a baggy shirt and he seemed uncomfortable.

He even did not tell his Deputy, William Ruto, about the wedding plans and Ruto is said to have heard about the wedding plans on Friday evening. 

Sources said Uhuru was uncomfortable because his son went against the odds and married a girl from the’ Lakeside’.

Many families in Central Kenya believe a real Kikuyu man must marry a real Kikuyu woman.

Sources said Jomo was seen by Kenyatta’s family as an embarrassment for marrying a beauty from Nyanza and that was why the wedding was a closely guarded secret.


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  1. Love is strange love is not a game lt may lead you to where nobody expects.

  2. And who says she is a beauty????

  3. Do you know that the girl's father is from Uganda? And who said at ngurario one has to be in suit? shame on you!

  4. Wacha aoe mahali anataka kwa sababu bibi ni wake.

  5. What is wrong marrying a girl from another community. We are all human beings and we can marry anyone so long as there is love.

  6. You are trying so hard, as usual to find something negative to write. Try harder.

  7. sio lazima uhuru apende kwa maana sio yeye anaenda kuishi na yeye.

  8. kwani tutaacha ukabila lini? huyo ni barafu ya moyo wake

  9. All is good God knows

  10. A very mischievous article and the author is obviously ignorant by about Kikuyu culture. When you write something show some intelligence by first doing research before you put ink onto paper.

  11. Shida iko wapi, we (rest of Kenyan men) are marrying their girls left, right and centre...though very short term due to the nature of personalities...economic marriages!

  12. I knew you fucking imbeciles of DP will bring the tribal shit upfront. The rich don care, it's you maskini behind your Chinese keyboards who foam from your smelly mouths.

  13. That is how low we have gone as Kenyans. Having a mind that is not willing to be separated from our tribes. when will we outgrow our tribes?

  14. Uhuru is a parent too for crying out loud. He is proud of his son and has no business venturing into dirty politics when it comes to his children' happiness

  15. And who said you have to wear a suit during such occasions ...... indeed you have tried so hard to find something negative but ended up bring out your ignorance.....

  16. I am a kikuyu man and would never marry a Kikuyu woman.They were cursed at the garden of Eden

  17. ......Meanwhile the president son is on an idyllic honeymoon on an unnamed island. mtapiga makelele mpaka lini wananchi? Politicising love and marriage in this day and age....seriously?

  18. in 6 months time he will be a grandpa just raila....yes 6 not 9. ama nyinyi hamuoni as soon as they wed they belly comes. kids of todays grow really fast even in womb(sarcasm

  19. ASHAMED? You must be a scum of the earth category! Rich people dont know tribe!Did you know Nyachae is also an in-law of the kenyattas? You are making me to think you are an idiot!

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