UHURU’s family blames RAILA after they were caught stealing - Kenyans are not fools!!

Monday, October 31, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta's family is now blaming CORD leader, Raila Odinga, after they were caught red handed stealing a portion of Sh 5 billion from the Ministry of Health.

Uhuru’s sister, Anne Nyokabi, his cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, and James Kamiri are among individuals linked to the looting of Sh 5 billion in the Health Ministry.

The money which they looted was for assisting HIV and Cancer patients at Kenyatta National Hospital and other referral hospitals in Kenya.

But in a Press Conference on Saturday evening, Uhuru’s cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, accused Raila of playing politics at the expense of their integrity.

"We are Kenyans and it is our right to do business in our country. For someone to cast doubt on our integrity for unnecessary political mileage and excite the public on false allegations [it] is totally unacceptable,” Kihanya said.

Kihanya said Sundales Limited is ready to cooperate with investigating authorities and upon the establishment of their innocence, Raila should issue a public apology.

"I would like to finish with the words of Raila at the World Economic Forum: 'Do not condemn people unheard. Give people a chance to be able to explain themselves,” she said.


  1. Shut the fuck up u ugly face thieving kehanyas

  2. If these group of mafia are genuine suppliers why are they only dealing with Ministry of Health. Muraguri must be the connection. Please do not talk about politics if you are involved in shady deals.

  3. I wonder.

  4. Thieves!!! Thieves!! U should be in Kamiti!!! You are dancing on peoples graves!!!

  5. first money was payed for clinics containers which were never delivered but on only to be proved wrong since they were actually delivered...i think the question is why buy container and they were not the priority?i smell a fish in these dealings

  6. The law is clear, the president and his immediate family are not allowed to do business with govt for his term in office. That's the constitution. You can trash its if you like.

  7. Kihanya has told you pure TRUTH. She has even welcomed the investigating authorities to Sundales Limited and is ready to cooperate.

    Despite all the allegations, whether true or falls, the opposition is not the option but the worst option. Kenyans will be walking on their knees. And this is also another pure truth.

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  9. All of u r saying things which u dont know why wait raila then u stating calling others thieves . if you know better go to court we need witness in the court

  10. is RAILA still lord of poverty?????????????????

  11. This is wrong. The President's family should not do business with the government.

  12. her dheemon looking face though...aaargh why

  13. Big thieves,Kenyatta family is worth over 500billion and ur still stealing from poor of the poorest, jamani mtapasuka tumbo ni kukula.

  14. Despite having all the money in the world and stealing whatever she can reach she looks like a crocodile, enda nunua sura

  15. Why do they say they were delivered when they have not reached the destination. There must be a protocol which was not followed. The auditor is doing a good job. Keep it up.

  16. Why only kenyatta family??? Were there no any other tenders?? UHURUTO majority of kenyan voted for u to deliver to Wanjiku n Kamau but seems u r interested only in ua families. Its a shame for a member of kenyatta family to/b caught in such a scandle. UHURU u created space in our jails on MAShuja day, let Kamau and Ngilu occupy those spaces, they were the first CS's u sacked in connection with corruption,I think there was enough evidence and thas why sacked. MR President we want actions.(kana ona ikihia mwene ni otaga)

  17. Kathleen Kihanya has told PURE TRUTH. She has further invited authorities concerned to investigate Sundales Investments and has promised full cooperation. And whether the story is true or not, our current opposition, if given a chance to rule are the worst option to curb corruption. Kenya will walk on its knees and the opposition will leave no room to nab the offenders because they will be the offenders. For 2017, they have to be stopped at all costs.

  18. Hapa DP Ruto haoni kabisa. Anatetea wengine na wake hawakuli nyama kama hao. Bure kabisa. Any way yeye anakula peke yake wenzake wakimeza mate kama sisi.


  20. Anon 2114 ingiza kidole mkunduni ya nyanya yako kisha nusia

  21. Kihanya think of those orphans destitute and the widowed and you shamelessly at attack..I rebuke you

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