UHURU says he is frustrated by level of corruption in Kenya! I have done my part as President

... hands are tied,” Uhuru said.

“Tell me... Which administration has dealt with the issue of corruption like my administration since independence?" Uhuru posed.

Uhuru accused the Judiciary and the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) of not doing enough to fight corruption.

The father of the nation said corruption has been turned into a political circus and that those charged with fighting it say they do not have resources.

Uhuru noted that it is in every Kenyan's interest for progress to be made in fighting corruption and urged police to arrest all those implicated in corruption and stop telling Kenyans about ongoing investigations.


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  1. The police can't do anything about corruption coz they are the most corrupt and evil in our society.

  2. President Uhuru Kenyatta is right he has no constitutional mandate or power to order EACC to investigate those implicated and take action or direct the DPP to prosecute A, B or C or the direct the Judiciary to convict X, Y or Z. When courts delay hearing cases or the DPP to act ir the police to arrest anyone, how can he be blamed when evidence is weak?

  3. Someone to remind me any prominent Kenyan languishing in Prison because of corruption! Then specifically what has this government done in the fight against corruption?

  4. What do you rats expect the president to do?Prosecute,then say that he is going against the constitution by interfering with constitutional institutions?Give us a break.

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