UHURU almost cried when he realised that MAASAIs are in ODM - RAILA ODINGA says.

Saturday, October 1, 2016 - CORD leader, Raila Odinga, said on Thursday that Narok County is an ODM zone pointing out that this was evident during the burial of former Minister, William Ole Ntimama, two weeks ago.

Addressing a mammoth rally at Kilgoris, Raila, who is also the ODM party leader, thanked the Maasai community for rejecting Jubilee during the burial of Ntimama and said this is an indication that the Maasai want an alternative leadership in 2017.

“President Kenyatta got furious and started lecturing everybody including church leaders because the Narok people showed him they are in ODM,” Raila said.

“The Maa and the coast have suffered most due to land injustices, economic marginalisation, poor health services and lack of infrastructure.” Raila added.

He urged the Maasai community that if he is elected President in 2017, he will implement the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) within the first week of leadership and warned all those who have grabbed public land.

“We will implement the report and punish all those who have grabbed land,” Raila said.


  1. You wish

  2. I don't know what evidence Raila can show to suggest that the Maa community rejected Jubilee at Ntimama's funeral attended by many dignitaries including retired President Moi, President Uhuru and retired Prime Minister of Tanzania Lowasa among others. I believe that in every demographic group there is bound to be Jubilee and CORD supporters. Raila can't therefore clain Narok Maa people are with his ODM/CORD. In any case, his alleged phone call from Ntimama has now been disputed by Ntimama's family that was with him all the time and managed his phone calls.

  3. Keep dreaming RAO , we all know that even ntimamas daughter confirmed that you were lying. Take a death pill and join the dead in hell

  4. Any reason why you didn't implement it as PM?

  5. Raila pole sana sisi wanarok tinajua tunaenda natuko wapi piga ndomo tu mwishowe utariria choo

  6. Rubish kabisa

  7. Raila's desperation to nowhere, Please retire Elderly Old Man.

  8. Sisi WAmaasai tumesema Ni Jubilee, we cannot follow a guy who lies shamelessly in public on a some puported conversation with a dead man

  9. ATI ODM flag??? The family denied it.shame on RAO for embarrassing Ntimamas family & the entire Maa community with such lose talk

  10. Maa or Maasai, remember Luos are white men trapped in Black man skin, No wonder 90% of Professors in Kenya are Luos.

  11. Enter your comment...Raila take the challenge or keep quiet for ever

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