This is why MURAGURI has been defecating on Kenyans! UHURU’s wife protects him

Sunday October 30, 2016 - Health Principal Secretary, Dr Nicholas Muraguri, was recorded on Tuesday threatening a Business Daily journalist after the Sh5 billion scandal was exposed in his health docket.

Muraguri used unsavory words to the journalist when he was asked about the Sh billion looting in the Health Ministry.

“Someone can be reading your story while seated here. If there is need to hack Nation's system we can," Muraguri told the journalist in a phone message when asked about the looting.

Muraguri’s bravado elicited a fierce debate on social media with many Kenyans asking who is this senior person behind Muraguri’s show of arrogance, bravado and defiance.

According to impeccable sources, Muraguri is close to State House since he is First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s personal doctor.

During the London Marathon in 2014, Muraguri accompanied the First Lady to London where he was accompanying her in all events including running with her.

Muraguri has also been a major architect of the Beyond Zero campaign and a darling to major donors for his capacity to pull in political goodwill at the highest levels to the cause. 


  1. Bravo CORD for insisting those involved should go home.Curiously I am hearing of calls for PS Muraguri to go home. I have not heard calls for CS Mailu to go home. During NYS scandal we only heard calls for former CS Waiguru to go but never heard that of PS Mangiti to do likewise. Why the double standards? Why should Muraguri go home alone.It is only fair for both the CS and the PS to face the music. Period!!!

  2. friend with benefit of the beneficiaries of loots.

    It comes a time Kenya is important than loots and it's time they should return all the loot with interest.

  3. Could that be the reason he enjoyed rapid promotions talk of having friends in high places or tall uncles or relatives

  4. people forget quickly. peter mangiti was also suspended.

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