This is how the LADY who exposed an Orange employee looks without make-up (PHOTOs).


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  1. Hehehe,I don't think he should have been fired for such an ugly thing...anyway its the ugly ones that overreact to a bit of flirting, its like it was the 1st time a man was giving her attention.Some of us get hit on daily but we don't cry about it,kwani she couldn't just block his number or ignore him instead of getting him fired? #nasty

  2. I know this kind of horrible people.
    My friend brought one of this types of women to Europe, lived there with her for a short while then brought her to the USA.
    She gave him a lot of BS. Eventually he divorced her.
    Now its years, she cannot move on. She takes him to court continuously "for more child support". She continuously abuses his new wife and kids.
    I feel sorry for my friend ... Now the hopeless woman warms the beds of married Kenyan men whose wives are back in Kenya.

    Never bother with this kinds of people.

  3. You right.

  4. Whaaat a waste? she is Uglier than the ugliest wild animal.i swear that dude will never forgive himself for such a silly mistake. Anyway dude, look for a new job and keep away from the private life of customers otherwise you will get burnt again if you live to survive this.

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