The GAME flosses his guzzlers and shares an inspirational message (A Must Read)

.. well, my Uncle Greg was murdered shortly after that & my Aunt Alicia (his wife) let me take his picture off the wall & hang it in my room... for years I would lay face up on my bed shooting my basketball in the air while staring at the picture... telling myself one day, I will have a mansion & my own fleet of exotic cars to fill the driveway....... didn't know how I was going to do it, I just knew I was going to do it..... that was 1986... 30 years later, its 2016 & the BOTTOM pic is my house & my cars....

... I did it !!!!! See, a lot of so called stars & rich niggas will be on here flossing their cars, jewelry & money in pictures... but they never tell YOU how you can get it like they did.... that ain't me.

.. I've given over 5 million out of my own pocket over the course of my career to helping people in whatever situations they might be going through just because I love my people, I know the struggle 1st hand & I want all of y'all to ball the fuck out...... & that is why I created @TreesByGame.... a company that will allow ALL OF US to eat together... STAY TUNED... the wave is coming.

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