S£X will kill Kenya Airways Staff! See what SILVIA has been doing behind her hubby’s back.

…. the house.

And mind you, she had just come from her usual s3x escapades with her Ben 10.

This is what she posted.

Look at her photo closely; she might be your wife.

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  1. Not only kenya airways, but all Kenyans hio ndo kazi.

  2. Malaya kumamamake akatwe mikono!

  3. That is typical Kikuyu women. Sex here , sex there. Useless harlots

  4. why insult Kikuyu women because of one lady or two, please have respect

  5. Told you all women are hoes

  6. Why demand respect, you know our kikuyu ladies are malaya, time to marry other tribes. I will write to kilimani moms asking them to introduce me to non-kikuyu woman. Kilimani Mums i need a woman who is not a kikuyu. Reply through this post as you know i cant access your site.I am out of Kenya but i need a good Kenyan woman.The kikuyu women we have here kudinywa na watu wengi.Kilimani, help me.


  8. I agree, this lady Sylvia Mwangi of KQ is bad news, many years ago, she used to date my husband yet she was married to a gymn instructor! I left my husband and later left him for another Ben 10. she is an expert in Ben10's.

  9. pray for a wife, let God bless you with a wife stop asking for a wife from kilimani moms brother.(4th October 2016) whether a kikuyu or any other tribe God will bless you with a true spouse.

  10. Sylvia Mwangi's punani is real tight it will drive you nuts!! When she calls I drop everything. Anajua game!

  11. She knows how to twist till all your perms get out. In fact a man whose from sex a relly sex with Silvia Mwangi is satisfied and doesn't need any other lady a round. I bit the husband, he needs to reduce fats and be smart in bed, that lady is hot, deep inside is hot.

  12. I am starving BEN 10, Is there any one looking for a Ben?
    I am here waiting!

  13. Silvia come okoa jahazi... my wife is awy for three days

  14. Guys, it is not about the tribe, it is the individual and their libido. If you want it from your hubby that bad, don't overfeed him; if he looks like a hippo, how do expect him to perform? Look at those 'ben-10s', they have waists less than 34inches, they look famished. Yet they are drill you like they ate goat-weed for breakfast. Wake up ladies.

  15. umalaiya itakuuwa na utatupwa six by 4 soil

  16. Anon: 04:06 am 39 years with waist 32 and 9inch penis when erected please drop me a line...those women and girls we have had sex alwasy crave for more .....please pay me for sex ....inbox me ASPAP

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