Sportpesa owner involved in the sh5 billion health scandal - He is UHURU’s chief fundraiser

Monday, October 31, 2016 - The owner of Kenya’s leading betting firm, Sportpesa, billionaire Paul Wanderi Ndungu, has been linked to the theft of sh 5 billion from the Ministry of Health.

A report from State Law Office listed Wanderi as among the owners of  one of the mysterious and shoddy companies that benefited from the sh 5 billion loot at the Health Ministry.

The report listed Wanderi, who owns Sportpesa, and Richard Ngatia, the owner of a high end night club in Nairobi, as directors of Life Care Medics which benefitted from the free maternity kitty.

But speaking yesterday, Wanderi blamed the Opposition for unfairly targeting his firm saying his deal was clean.

“We were contracted as suppliers by the Health Ministry in a tender where our company delivered food supplements, paid taxes on them to KRA and delivered the goods for storage at Kenya Medical Supplies Authority,” said Wanderi.

Wanderi is one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s close friends and chief fundraiser who former Prime Minister Raila Odinga claimed was looting the country as the President looks on.


  1. Are the any food supplements in government hospitals? These PS must resign. It seems he was planted their to help Kenyatta family. Woi who can we trust?

  2. Uhuru is looking for all his friends to loot. Was Bruce his longterm friend ever prosecuted?

  3. Kenya is finished under UhuRuto!! Oooh God help our country!!

  4. Something is terribly wrong in Kenya, why would the ministry of health only prefer either relatives or friends of the president for tender awards? Nepotism and negative ethnicity is raring its ugly head again. Kenyans should be worried about the ongoing with corruption and impunity, at this rate the treasury will run dry.

  5. ANON 23:22. That is a v ery varied question. WHy tARGET THE HAVES And leave out the poor souls?

  6. is RAILA still lord of poverty?????????????????

  7. Food supplement to who and for what..honestly

  8. The solution is with you. Vote them out next year. The next government will prosecute them.

  9. We are tired of Ruto. He will not see 2022 seat from GEMA. I wish the same can happen to Uhuru but it is too late. Always a corrupt government. Kazi kwa vijana pesa kwa Uhuruto relatives. Who owns weston hotel?

  10. This guy need to go to the gym

  11. And he is recycling looted fund on sport pesa.that is why after winning the bet money it avaporates faster

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