SHOCKING! UHURU’s blood sister, NYOKABI, is the mastermind of the 5 billion scandal

Saturday, 29 October 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta’s youngest sister, Ann Nyokabi Muthama, is the mastermind of the Sh 5 billion heist in the Ministry Health, the Kenyan DAILY POST can now authoritatively  report.

Nyokabi, 53, is the director of one company that has been linked to looted billions in the Ministry of Health.

Nyokabi and city businesswoman, Kathleen Kihanya, have been mentioned as the directors of Sandales International Ltd, a company that was allegedly paid Sh 41 million.

CORD leader, Raila Odinga was also aware of Uhuru’s sister being involved in the scandal and said Uhuru is not as innocent as he has tried to make himself look to the public.

"This scandal is President Kenyatta’s scandal. He must deal with it as such. He must tell the country what he knows, when he knew it and what he did when he knew it," Raila said a press conference on Friday afternoon.


  1. Nimekuna makende na mavuzi mwanamke anataka kunusia mikono zangu wacha numbari ya NUNU hapa.

  2. am uhuruto supporter but honestly am getting tired of this nonsense!problem which is better option?

  3. If looted monies amount to Kes.5B, why only expose less than 300M.
    Please give details of remainder 4.7B

  4. Am an uhuruto supporter too, but this is now too much.without an option, I might end up not voting

  5. 41m out of a 5billion does not mean mastermind. But Uhuru has always said MTU abebe msalaba wake. The same should apply to his sister if he meant it. But this guy Muraguri seems to think that we are still in those days of moi where u can threaten those who catch your hand at the cookie jar. Am waiting to see what happens to him. If nothing, then my vote and those who depend on me will be anywhere else but this regime.

  6. Am getting fed up too. Uhuru should not think that his supporters are as stupid as those of his main opponent. The clock is ticking. Let him take watch. Remember 2002.

  7. For the first time in my life I am thinking of voting RAO

  8. the beneficiary of loots only have IQ of loot and all they can do is loot proper the icons mt Kenya.

  9. This is diversionary...the war on corruption is fought using political means. where is the due it Raila... how do we know that this is true...why would an Auditor leak a portion of the report and not all...As we got to the next elections expect more of this...Hawa watu wenye roho mbaya.

  10. I have always supported Uhuru thinking he is doing all he can to fight corruption but not anymore. Why are his relatives looking for government tenders? Are these the youth we have been hearing about? Very discouraging. Will stay home on voting day.

  11. Listened to Kathleen Kihanya talking like she owns Kenya. She is not even remorseful. Much as she has the right to do business like anybody else she has no right to steal tax payers money. No wonder Uhuru is telling off the auditor general. I have always supported Uhuru but not any more

  12. I hate the Kihanyas big ugly faces

  13. Thats why from 2013, for hurstlers to put food on the table is hard.....jobless learned youths, insecurity all over the country due to lack of employment, where would we be by 2022 Mungu shuka upesi!!!!

  14. This woman is a prostitute,thief,vulture and a hyena may God strike her with lightning plus Uhuru and Ruto caused leaders with no shame may the lord see them and burn in hell and cause all there generation.

  15. Am sure all of you who commented hear dint tender an failed.
    Non of you hear depends on your brother or sister.
    Are kenyans expecting uhurus siblings to sit n do nothing coz there bro or cousine is the president.

  16. Dont be suprised that Uhuru discoverd this like you did.
    Am happy for kihanya she has a company that has created employment for the youths n women.

  17. Out of 5b was the project delivered?
    What was the estimate of the project?
    How much was exagerated?
    So how much was looted?

  18. Out of 5b was the project delivered?
    What was the estimate of the project?
    How much was exagerated?
    So how much was looted?

  19. anon 02:28 Your so stupid like your mother and a fool,kama ulikula na yeye then shut up,your the same people who are dragging kenya behind na uwizi ya ujinga na tamaa.mpumbavu wewe!

  20. Internal audit reports are internal! Draft internal audit reports are even more internal. How did the draft report land in the hands of politicians?

  21. Uhunye u r losing the battle arrest these thieves ata kaama ni wenu tym is running

  22. I am a UhuRuto damu....lakin if things continue in the nose dive manner as they are... voting day might be my day "ya kuambia mwili pole"

  23. I totally expect UhuRuto to come out more convincingly like never before on this one ... or else they will save me from a whole day queuing under hot scorching sun to vote them back in office


  25. Ng'ombe kila mtu amepost Kenya iko na wenyewe mkae mongozwe muone SGR,Lappset na Lamu port zikiisha.

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