SHOCKING intrigues surrounding EVELYN, her husband and the mzungu in these PHOTOs

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  1. That is everline gathoni from tetu

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚kenyan women and dramas are inseparable

  3. Like father like son

  4. didnt get the story coz if ted is the one doing fatherly things to the kids where is the father?

  5. dem hakana matako....hiyo mzungu anapenda ujinga naona

  6. Oh my God this is another okuyu lean=ving the husband and family for money.

  7. Is Tetu in Kiambuu?

  8. Chelsea has an extreme right wing supporters (racists), and i am not sure how they are going to take this once its become public knowledge in UK.

  9. Something is wrong with our women, are they looking of money, or romance or a combination of both? Is it the s*x they lack from their husbands? On the other hand, is s*x in excess and could they be running away from it all? Can someone tell us about the 'AFRICAN KENYAN MALE SHORTCOMINGS'? This bed-hopping of our ladies is like a plague.

  10. He will die like a dog dont joke with kenyan women and ladies,this foreigner is a fool and he will regret after the married lady lives him broke like a church mouse.

  11. Let people enjoy things, Mama Ngina was 18 when she got married to a 60something yr old Jommo. Look at her now

  12. Kenyan men being left for Mzungus and West African men is not a new thing.

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