SHOCK on HASSAN JOHO as he now faces arrest after his successful ODM rally in Kisumu.

... Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and not the Municipal Council of Mombasa,” Marwa said.

Marwa said Joho will be arrested and charged with criminal offence adding that it was wrong for him to organise the demolition.

“We have not seen any of the 47 governors’ chest thumping and breaking the law (so) we can allow Governor Joho to go free after destroying property that cost taxpayers money to put up,” he said.

But in a quick response, Joho said that the land in question belongs to Mombasa Municipal Council and not KBC as alleged.


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  1. Somebody tell Marwa to stop being silly. Just two weeks ago, we saw 2 governors protesting the appointment of a VC at Moi University ostensibly because he does not come from their tribe. Wasnt that breaking the law?

  2. Marwa don't be silly and stupid,you position is nowhere in the new dispensation while joho is elected.try you stupid act on joho go for Mandago,Tolgos and the rest first.You cant intimidate the elected leaders.

  3. Of course its CORD's way of doing things. Promoting anarchy. They never thrive in peace. He wants to be arrested so that he can appear to be a hero.

  4. We cannot allow this to continue. Why is it that CORD is always allowed to walk free after causing chaos and breaking the law? No no no... He has to be arrested and charged like any other criminal. He has to pay for that wall whoever it belongs to. When MP wandayi was banned from attending parliament were they not up in arms ?? No no no this cannot be allowed....

  5. Hii KBC tunambiwa sio kbc tunajua watu labda wanataka kuchukua hiyo land. Joho, bomoa na ikijengwa tena bomoa tena, hawa ni land grabbers wanitaka. Why are they incesed so much. You are the CEO of mombasa county not marwa.

  6. tutabomoa tena marwa akileta ujinga aende akuwe uhuru's gate keeper kule state house awachane na mambo ya 001 na mombasa county.

  7. I do not know where Joho comes from abd I guess not from Mombasa. Every child born in Mombasa after 1970 knows that this land is question belongs to KBC and take that to the bank. Joho is just a trouble maker.

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