She needs a date on Saturday and claims to have enough C@ND@MS (See her PHOTOs).


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  1. This is a hippo...atatafuna transfomer mpaka na meno!moto wa muotea mbali!

  2. What is this? I thought you were talking a out a woman and not a ghost

  3. Hi ni momo. Ukigurumisha, ina guruma kama lorry.

  4. Such offers you have to think twice

  5. Who needs a mammoth of a girlfriend?

  6. i wud like to eat those things lol...seems to be more than sweet.drop you contacts sweet gal.

  7. Am alredy salivating. what a sweet gal. nyonyos, the std dat rocks mah feelings, thighs are wold class. pls DAILY POST. Tell her to contact me ., Beibe i will make you queen on bedromm. bring it on baibe...

  8. Jaluo nyeusi kama makaa

  9. You guys are not being fair to this momo because you are not concentrating on her objective and her terms of reference. You should not focus on her shape, body mass or complexion. These are finer qualities that are of great value to a lady. Bear in mind she is also very responsible to have sufficient supply of protective tools for medium to heavy duty use because she has a substantially high expectation. The lucky guy or guys to be contracted will have to be ready to deliver.

  10. Anon 04:02 Kuma ya mamako inanuka Kama mbwa imeoza! Unafira mamako na wewe unafirwa na mbwa. Mtoto ya Malaya wewe!

  11. Akinyi kuma yanuka fis

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