See what UHURU’s cousin, KIHANYA, did to RAILA after linking her to the 5 billion scandal

Sunday October 30, 2016 - The company linked to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, which was linked to the looting of sh5 billion at the Ministry of Health, has responded to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for linking it to the scandal.

In a statement to the press, Kihanya denied that her company was awarded the sh41 million tender at the Ministry of Health fraudulently, saying they got the tender after a competitive tendering process.

She accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of unfairly targeting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family saying the condemnation is totally unacceptable.

She quoted Raila Odinga who warned people against laying blame on others without giving them an opportunity to be heard.

“I would like to finish with words of Raila Odinga at the World Economic Forum and I quote: “do not condemn people unheard. Give people a chance to be able to explain themselves. I urge institutions charged with investigating corruption to remain professional, transparent and non partisan,” said Kihanya.


  1. Bravo CORD for insisting those involved should go home.Curiously I am hearing of calls for PS Muraguri to go home. I have not heard calls for CS Mailu to go home. During NYS scandal we only heard calls for former CS Waiguru to go but never heard that of PS Mangiti to do likewise. Why the double standards? Why should Muraguri go home alone.It is only fair for both the CS and the PS to face the music. Period!!!

  2. Even Equity Bank has been implicated in this scandal, crazy.

  3. Yes even the banks are in on it, I worked there and all I will say is #LeftEquity

  4. Ha ha ha #LeftEquity

  5. #LeftEquity

  6. #LeftEquity

  7. #LeftEquity #LeaveEquity

  8. I thought I was the only one who picked up the bank on this one, that place put me so much unnecessary stress Alex Muhia woi. #LeftEquity

  9. #LeftEquity Alex Muhia yes he is a bad man he used to call meetings every week at 7 am or even 6 am. Just because he was Equity King.

  10. #LeftEquity Yes I worked at Equity for 6 years IT and that guy Muhia is a bad man.

  11. Plus all the Sunday's we worked for James and Muhia tragic.

  12. #LeftEquity I used to cover the WingsToFly programs and my goodness I would wish that the MasterCard foundation would know what we had gone through they wouldn't fund James.

  13. Kwani this is an Equity Bank corner

  14. #LeftEquity what does this have to do with the story?

  15. #LeftEquity like we left chase pap, before all your money is swallowed on a weekend and you cannot work on Monday bila cheda.

  16. #LeftEquity is just feelings

  17. #LeftEquity feelings of truth.

  18. #LeftEquity James and Alex fear no one not Uhuru not Kidero no Sonko RAO, they are gods in that place.

  19. Can we be objective here.

  20. He is still the exact same way has never changed.

  21. Raila u will never succeed to rule this country thru backdoor, u r like a hyena that wait for hand to fall..... Sorry.

  22. #Left equity,that bank is a no go zone

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