See a memo to JOHO from JACKSON asking him to stay put in fighting UHURU/ RUTO

... frame ODM as a luo party and this is where this guy wants to take the Party. He just can’t believe that a man from the Coast is a heartbeat away from the mantle of Kenya’s largest party! Well, he is too late and this is where your managerial acumen and charisma – the two qualities that have catapulted you to a visceral connection with the party’s rank and file – must continue being instrumental in charting the way forward. So, keep on stumping for party candidates.

Keep on playing hard. The people are with you. Those acting surprised and peeved should explain to the rank and file where they were when Jubilee was carpeting the country with their colours, they should tell us what they have done for the party by way of fundraising and they should also enlighten us on their contributions to the party’s posture. How many national party events have they organized?

It’s one thing to be related to the enigma and eternally hang on his extensive coattails enroute to electoral victory, but investing in the party is a whole new ball game. In your parlance, it’s about “kujitolea kwa hali na mali.” The Gem politician has done nothing for party and the members know it.

I urge you to borrow a leaf from RAO’ s playbook.

For RAO to become RAO, big names had to go. While the political luminaries of yesteryears relied on reputation and titles to buttress their political gravitas, RAO went for the hearts and minds of the voters and before they knew it, the voters consigned them to oblivion.

You have won the hearts and minds of many voters across tribal lines, a rare feat within such a short time. Pull all the stops to ensure that you retain the support while you cultivate ahead. Those yelling from the rooftops cannot a pull a crowd beyond Gem constituency. Confine them to Gem! Make them work overtime for Gem votes while you play in the major league.

They are playing the luo-card and it will not work. Luos understand that ODM is the only party in Kenya that boasts an impeccable mosaic of a national party. Luos, together with several like-minded ethnic groups, are on record with distinction, as having backed a non-luo for the top job. Heck, this writer is a luo!

In a nutshell, ODM’ s rank and file is firmly in your corner. Do not step on the breaks.
In conclusion, bring back the Joho that delivered the Malindi by-election, that’s the Joho that must come to the fore and slay these wannabes who are busy salivating over what they can’t handle.

In you, voters can see a template on how to lead and you have repeatedly shown that. It’s that trait and the subsequent connection with the voters that has made you a marked man. This is just the beginning, more will come in different shapes and forms but you must stay the course. It is now clear that your presidential ambitions are rubbing people the wrong way. But that’s all the more reason to keep on marching

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