See how GITHONGO embarrassed UHURU in broad daylight - He will never forgive him.

... friend Githongo who is always challenging me out there, didn’t show up.”

“Why didn’t he come and raise those issues?” Uhuru asked members who attended the summit.

Githongo, whose father was a close friend of founding father, Jomo Kenyatta, attended the same school with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the prestigious St Mary’s High School, Nairobi.

Last week, Githongo told a local TV that Uhuru’s administration is the most corrupt administration since independence.

See his invite below 

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  1. Who embarrassed who? Githongo was afraid of attending because he truly had nothing to share.

  2. Githongo proved it he is a toothless dog All he does is yap yap yap.

  3. Githongo a hired gun that's why he can't attend such a forum because he has no factual only propaganda.

  4. Githongo a hired gun that's why he can't attend such a forum because he has no factual only propaganda.

  5. I know John Githongo very well and his involvement if anti-corruption efforts. He was introduced this role by his dad who was the first head of Transparency International Kenya chapter when the founder of TI Mr. Peter Eigen a former World Bank Resident Represenrative for Eastern Africa based in Nairobi. It's from this genesis Githong built his interest in fighting corruption. He has no special qualification though in the anti-corruption agenda other than his passion that has made him an icon. He skipped the summit for fear he would be put on spot, since he could point a clear corruption deal that involves hid host directly or indirectly. He had no evidence that the president has failed to act on corruption in accordance with the Constitution and the Law.

  6. In our Kikuyu culture, a man without children is useless.

  7. Even if you're not the father???,

  8. Githongo ni aliaR

  9. Its the donor money dimwit. He goes to Western capitals to give lectures on 'alleged' corruption in Kenya ('study cases') then sends the videos to the Western Governments with a begging bowl in the other hand. How long can he keep this going? Say, Judas Iscariot, selling your country to fill your begging bowl

  10. Anon 10:08 those are the traditions that we are fighting on the list. The President got his point home. They yap yap out there but when they are invited to such a forum to express their frustrations, they decide not to attend. We prefer action and thank YOU UHURUTO for showing wananchi what exactly what most of these NGO's are upto! I am disappointed in Githongo too. He should have attended and I amongst many would have enjoyed watching it all unfold right before The President

  11. People will assume you to be the father and you will be respected as only the mother know the truth.

  12. Githongo would never attend a transparent forum to offer way forward out of corruption.If corruption ended, he would have nothing to talk about and therefore no food. Mnafikiri Githongo ni mjinga who does not understand on what side his bread is buttered!

  13. Well! the corruption guru should be made chair of AEBC. Why does he not start fighting corruption with reparations to GEMA community who were cleaned by people he knows?

  14. Thumbs up Githongo 100% let Uhuru clear his dirty house starting with his Deputy William Ruto the most corrupt dp in history of kenya and others will follow that example.

  15. only fools and corrupt thieves can attend Uhuru summit Githongo well done job it doesnt mean that since your a kikuyu you can follow there corrupt,tribalism and dirty deeds plus stupidity, your different let them abuse you but you stand for the truth and in your heart your a true Kenyan i salute you githongo well done,your are the only and the first Kikuyu who has a great future to kenyans and generations to come,Uhuruto the worst leadership kenyans have ever experienced,in the summit we so who are the thieves and corrupt gurus and he wont fire them like he said because they all know what they are doing only to steal from poor kenyans.

  16. anon 10:08 your culture is the most hated in kenya kikuyus only know how to teach there younger boys how to steal and there daughters prostitution and laziness,githongo my have no kids the only thing he can challenge you is that he has brains not like stupid kikuyu like you who doesn't wish his own sons and daughter a better future and generations to come,githongo is smart educated kenyan we know who does not want stupidity and corrupt government of uhuru and ruto,githongo culture is to fight corruption for better future for every one,kenya needs smart educated men like githongo and smart women not like waiguru the mother of all corruption,the bottomline is uhuru and ruto are the worst leaders in kenya stealing from there own people and liars.

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