RUTO will cry in the toilet after reading this letter from GITOBU IMANYARA for BONIFACE

Dear Mr Kilukumi,

Re: Alleged Libelous tweet and DP Ruto’s threat to sue Boniface Mwangi

We refer to your letter dated 30th September 2016 bearing reference KK/GEN/DP/006/2016 addressed to our client Boniface Mwangi in which you give notice that unless our client publishes an immediate retraction, correction and apology to Deputy President William Ruto over a tweet allegedly published on 28th September under our client’s twitter handle you would institute proceedings for recovery of damages, and other remedies, for your client.

You have reproduced details of the tweet in your said letter.

Our instructions are that for reasons set out below our client will not retract, correct, withdraw or apologize for the said tweet.

Your client is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a State Office to which he is accountable to the people of Kenya. As long as he holds that office he must accept that he will attract and continue to attract not only praise where it is due but also most robust criticism for any conduct or behavior that falls below the requirements of the Leadership and Integrity provisions set out in Chapter VI of the Constitution.

All Kenyans are duty bound to protect and preserve the Constitution and the members of the press have an even higher duty in this regard.

Boniface Mwangi is not only a journalist but a human rights and public interest defender who has bravely and courageously fought for the preservation of our constitutional values and bringing to account leaders who do not live by their oaths of office. He has been subjected to death threats, torture, malicious prosecution and countless intimidations all geared to silence him. He sees the threat contained in your letter as falling in this category of harassment.

Your client appears to have singled him out because of his consistent defence of the public interest and he is not surprised by this.

The tweet your client is complaining of simply expresses his fears. He says: “I hope Deputy President has no plans of killing me the way he killed his old friend, Jacob Juma a fellow thief who became a whistle blower”

Is it not true that Jacob Juma was killed?

Is it not true that Hon Cyrus Jirongo, a close friend at one time of both the late Jacob Juma and your client pointed fingers at your client in connection with Jacob Juma’s death?

Is it not true that Jacob Juma was a one time friend of William Ruto?

Is it not true that when Jacob Juma fell out with William Ruto he became a whistle blower?

Is it not true that prior to his death Jacob Juma publicly disclosed that William Ruto was planning to kill him?

Is it not true that on account of the late Jacob Juma’s publicly expressed fears, William Ruto is a prime suspect in...

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  1. Open the likn on youtube and see who is compaining for Raila from stockhom.The 2017 Elections in Kenya Has Already Been Rigged In Advance - Martin Ngatia

  2. Enter your comment...The court remains the only recourse for justice to be dispensed. Ready......... Go

  3. Martin ngatia was together with raila 1982 to overthrow the government he hopes he will return to Kenya if raila is president

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