RUTO now desperately begs PETER KENNETH for a favour as he spends sleepless nights

.... stay off the 2022 Presidency because it belongs to Ruto and no one else.

“We welcome Peter Kenneth to Jubilee and assure him free and fair nominations.”

“However, he must be aware that as Jubilee, we have a strategic plan for 20 years.”

“Ruto has what it takes to succeed Uhuru for 10 years," said Duale.

Kenneth, who shelved his 2017 Presidential ambitions in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday, is said to be planning to run for Presidency in 2022 after Uhuru, a move that is causing Ruto and his URP wing of Government some sleepless nights.


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  1. Why should the DP worry if be belives he has what it takes? He should market himself properly just as PK should. The best will take the coveted price which will be good for Kenya.

  2. And Kidbrooke is laughing all the way to city hall

  3. And Kidero is laughing all the way to city hall,

  4. No dispute pk is the next proz come 2022 this is clean man without corruption, ruto cannot go anywhere, look for example only Boniface put him hands down.

  5. RUTO knows well is only popular in Kalenjin other places ananuka kama mafi,that's why he's panicking.

  6. Kikuyus will support Peter Kenneth in 2022. Take that to the bank

  7. Hon.Duale you just want to show your master you are still awake. Dreams are for free.

  8. I thought there is no such thing as a "URP wing" in JP. I remember Kamwana being angry with Baba 4 saying JP has 2 hands.

  9. Dawa ya deni ni kulipa

  10. Ruto for President with Peter Kenneth as running mate, Cordasians are a confused lot

  11. Pray to GOd, not another 24 years of Kalenjin rule. nyayo nyayo nyayo everywhere.

  12. Peter kenneth is also another son of Kenya and therefore has all the rights to vie for any post.

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