RUTO haunted by MWANGI as he brings up RUTO’s S£X escapades with a university LADY


On 30th September 2016, the Deputy President William Ruto acting through his duly appointed Advocate served a demand letter to Boniface Mwangi seeking among other things immediate publication of a suitable retraction, correction and apology of a tweet of 28thSeptember, 2016 by Boniface Mwangi. The demand was that the apology was to be given a prominent coverage. The demand letter also sought an unconditional admission of liability for libel within seven(7) days.

On 5th October 2016, Boniface Mwangi’s legal team through Gitobu Imanyara& Co. Advocates responded to the demand letter stating that Boniface Mwangi has very real and compelling reasons for fearing that the Deputy President may wish to kill him and reserved the right to disclose these in court should the need the threatened legal action arise. The response further stated that Boniface Mwangi will seek to persuade the court that the Deputy President has no reputation worthy the indulgence of a court of justice either in Kenya or elsewhere.

On 7th October 2016, the Deputy President filed Milimani High Court Civil Suit No 264 of 2016 as threatened, served the suit papers on GitobuImanyara& Co. Advocates and thereafter served the Summons to Enter Appearance on 14th October 2016.

Today, 21st October 2016, Boniface Legal Team filed in court the Defence and Counterclaim against the Deputy President which inter alia states that the Deputy President WilliamRuto has no reputation to protect arising out of the indictment at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity, documented land grabs—both public and private— and previous implication in corruption scandals, to support his claim.

The 36-page bundle of documents constituting Defence filed in court by Gitobu Imanyara& Co. Advocates on behalf of Boniface Mwangi, contains a counter-claim against Deputy President for defamation following comments that the Deputy President made on local media insinuating that Boniface Mwangi is a perpetual drunk, who routinely wakes up late to nurse a hangover.

Boniface Mwangi asserts that the ICC had found “sufficient evidence to establish substantial grounds to believe” that William Ruto, jointly with....

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  1. Mwangi you should organise a demo to this effect. You will be heard and seen better like kingara. You are a good man everyone loves you go mwangi go. Wishing you well on the day.

  2. NGO scavenger!! Donors taps have dried up after ICC cases closed. Carry your cross.See you in court!!

  3. NGO scavenger!! Donors taps have dried up after ICC cases closed. Carry your cross.See you in court!!

  4. NGO scavenger!! Donors taps have dried up after ICC cases closed. Carry your cross.See you in court!!

  5. Mwangi, shame on yourself! I hope this case will completely destroy you.

  6. 45 million cowards. One hero - Bonifae Mwangi. The majority of Kikuyus wish you well that is why Peter Kenneth has come out at this time to support Uhuru in 2017 (just like Uhuru did in 2007) in exchange of being annointed Muthamaki in 2022 (same of Uhuru in 2012). This has effctively damaged beyond repair WSR ambitions for 2022)

  7. Boniface I wish all Kenyans were like you!! A fearless man...You stand for TRUTH at ALL costs. We know Kenneth is a stooge for Kenyatta...Ruto should ready himself for that.
    May God protect you Boniface. The champion of the ordinary Kenyan. Go Boniface Go!! God bless and keep you.

  8. Why is this Boniface mixing issues. If Ruto killed Juma that is one issue, he should come with all the evidence and get Ruto sued. The issue of ICC was handled in an international court and Kenyan courts have cannot legally overrule the international courts. His lawyers if they are qualified and are not just political should know this. Jumping like headless chicken, shows that Mwangi has mental instability and his attack is just political ICC helped Ruto to rise to power and in this case it will make him a victim, attract sympathy and help him in 2017 and eventually in 2022.

  9. This nigga is dead walking. What a fucktard of a century?

  10. Lets embrace peace and no hate.We need to pray for our country and the leaders, we know the damage done by single party and now we talk of multiparty democracy.Lets love @ other.

  11. Murderer, land grabber, adulterous, tribalism.
    Those are the other. Names of William ruto

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