Remember when RAILA said WAIGURU ‘anagurwa’? She has struck back & abused him!

.... urged him to concentrate on reviving CORD coalition which is dead.

“Let Raila not play politics with development projects.”

“Let him sell his agenda,'' Waiguru said.

Waiguru said Raila was using the project to endear himself to the people of Central, more so the people of Murang'a who are backing Jubilee Party.

The corrupt CS seems to be on a revenge mission since it is Raila Odinga who forced President Uhuru Kenyatta to axe her from the Cabinet last year after she was linked to a multibillion National Youth Service (NYS) scandal.


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  1. RAO should first clear the air on that company where he was a director that made KQ lose business thus affecting its turnover. He should stop dismissing everything as nonsesense when it touches on him but he is hammer and tongs on the likes of waiguru and others when they are implicated and happens to be leaning on the rujling coalition. Let him clear himself first. He was there with the molasses, maize, kazi kwa vijana but never cleared himself.

  2. Waiguru is a thief...period.

  3. Waiguru ana advice nani hapa. A thief is a thief is a thief ia s....kaswende hii

  4. What Waigu is saying might be sensible. But Waigu is damaged goods. We hope that in God's name Waigu should never ever become Gvnor Waigu - anywhere on the face of this earth. She is definitely not the solution to the leadership mess the Kirinyaga people are currently saddled with. The current revelations in parliament will be like a cameo. She can not pass the buck to Kambuu, Get'i etc. Never, never. The whole bunch is simply rotten. They were merely comrades. But remember there is no honour among thi....s.

  5. hahahah!!! look who is talking, Waiguru, I wonder why she has not been jailed yet. This is a jail bird. stealing public funds? Anyone will be too foolish to think of voting for her

  6. My brother you are behind news,the newspaper which wrote the Kq article has since retracted and apologised

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